TC Electronic adds Drop-D tuning as a software update to their PolyTune pedal

The PolyTune pedal has been out for a while now – it’s point of difference being that you can tune all your strings simultaneously by strumming.

TC Electronic PolyTune

As you can see from the picture to the right – the key to tuning each string are the LEDs that indicate whether the string is above or below the desired pitch.

The new update includes Drop D tuning, and a Capo Mode so you don’t have to take your capo off to tune.

If you already own one then the new features come as a free software download. You just get the update from the TC Electronic website, and then connect your pedal via its USB port to install.

If you’re buying one for the first time then it will come pre-loaded with the new features.

To me it seems as though TC Electronic have missed an opportunity here – surely with a fairly simple downloadable app it would be possible for users to create their own pre-set tuning arrangements – after all Drop D isn’t the only alternative out there.

PolyTune does regular chromatic tuning and it handily swaps between polyphonic and regular tuning automatically.

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