TC Electronic’s iB Modified G-System and Nova Delay

TC Electronic unveiled the iB Modified versions of the G-System and Nova Delay, based on the input buffer modifications done by Massimo Mantovani.

TC Electronic, in its effort to improve their products, has once again joined forces with the one who previously helped on their PGS Toneprints – ProGuitarShop. Together they set out to improve the G-System and Nova Delay, which brought them to cross paths with a known gear modder, Massimo Mantovani.

Massimo Mantovani is a known tech wizard in Northern Italy, he redesigns and modifies guitar effects for some of the best guitar players in Europe. His most popular mod work involves a G-System and Nova Delay input buffer tweak. Since he usually bases his modifications off of TC Electronic’s G-System and Nova Delay, TC Electronic collaborated with him to develop the iB Modified versions of the mentioned pedals.

The iB Modified versions of the two TC Electronic pedals add to the inherent functionality and audio quality by modifying the input buffer, based on Massimo Mantovani’s work. They changed the analog input design, along with a number of components to produce a super transparent tone with minimal tone suck. It offers a clearer pathway for your guitar signal with better punch and snappier dynamic response.

They did not stop with just tonal purity and transparency, they offer the iB Modified versions of the Nova Delay and G-System with new custom looks. TC Electronics G-System iB Modified will come in a nice looking black finish while the Nova Delay iB Modified will come in its own style, sporting a red finish. Apart from the improvements, these iB Modified pedals still offer the same versatility and audio quality.

The new iB Modified pedals is available beginning November of 2011. Current suggested retail price:

  • G-system iB Modified: $2,449 Retail Price / EUR 1,599
  • Nova Delay iB Modified: $345 Retail Price / EUR 259

Here is a short video introduction of the new iB Modified G-system:

For further details, head over to the G-system iB Modified and Nova Delay iB Modified pages at the TC Electronics website.

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