The Tree of Life Custom 24 Limited Edition from PRS

PRS has unveiled the Tree of Life Custom 24 Limited Edition with a specially redesigned Tree of Life inlay and is set for a limited run of only 100 guitars.

The Tree of Life Custom 24 Limited Edition is based on the original “Custom 24” guitar, which is the first guitar that Paul Reed Smith took to his first tradeshow in 1985.

This model has been a regular PRS favorite and have received significant upgrades this 2011, so to celebrate the enhancements of the Custom 24 model, the 2011 Tree of Life Custom 24 Limited Edition was created. It will come in two colors, Black Gold Smokeburst and Makena Blue, and only 50 of each color (100 guitars total) will be available worldwide.

The Tree of Life Custom 24 Limited Edition features an updated version of the Tree of Life inlay which was previously shown on the 1996 Rosewood Ltd. guitar. The new Tree of Life inlay is designed with Jaime Aulson of Pearl Works and is made of Green Abalone (both standard and heart varieties), Black-Lip Ocean Pearl Oyster and Donkey Ear Abalone. The Tree of Life inlay sets it apart from other instruments and is a great looking visual distinctive mark that this is guitar is special.

The woods used on all the guitars were handpicked by Paul Reed Smith with our wood team and include artist grade tops, artist grade curly maple necks and ribboned mahogany backs. The Fretboard is made of rosewood and the headstock inlay is made of Rosewood Veneer with the extended Tree of Life inlay.

The guitar features a specially wound 57/08 Treble and Bass pickups which is routed to a redesigned 5-way blade switch. Pickup Switching Positions:

  • Position One: Bridge humbucker

  • Position Two: Bridge humbucker with neck singlecoil, in parallel
  • Position Three: Bridge and neck humbuckers
  • Position Four: Neck singlecoil with bridge singlecoil, in parallel
  • Position Five: Neck humbucker

Other hardware includes a PRS Tremolo on the bridge and PRS Phase III Locking Tuners. Each guitar will come with an artist case and an accompanying certificate of authenticity that is hand signed by Paul Reed Smith.

I saw a Makena Blue colored Tree of Life Custom 24 Limited Edition being sold at for $6900.00.

For the complete specs and details head over to

Update: Here is a video provided by Wildwire Music Selby UK:

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6 thoughts on “The Tree of Life Custom 24 Limited Edition from PRS”

  1. PRS Tree of Life 2011 Video

    For a close up look at the PRS Tree of Life 2011, we have produced a HD video, which can be seen here:

  2. $7000 is what I understand

    $7000 is what I understand to be the MAP in the US. The difference in cost would be due to export licenses from the US due to the rare materials on the guitar, shipping, import tax, VAT and so on. The dollar price to the US would be more like $8500 from the UK.

  3. PRS 2011 Tree of Life In Stock

    In Stock at Wildwire Music and Audio, Selby, UK. We ship Worldwide – please visit our website to see hi-res photos of the actual guitar.

    1. Just wondering why it's

      Just wondering why it’s selling for £6,500 (which is about $10,000) when it’s selling for under $7,000 in the USA?

      1. just wondering why

        I’ve looked into this because I live in the USA and wanted to buy a guitar in England. This is what I was told : Due to the weakening dollar, everything costs more overseas. Obviously the “Pound” is worth more than the “Dollar”. I’m not an Economist so investigate that a little further. I was also told that there is a “LOT” of problems getting premium woods from one country to another due to new laws that “Protect” these woods. Google “Gibson Factory raid” That will explain some of the laws. Apparently Gibson is under investigation for illegally obtaining some of there guitar woods. Sorry for the long winded answer. Hope it helps

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