Ultra Low Capacitance Guitar Cable Patent Awarded for ZEROCAP

ZEROCAP ultra low capacitance guitar cable technology has brought discerning guitarists new vistas in tonal clarity. We are pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has just awarded the first of several patents on our ZEROCAP technology.

“This first patent is among several applications filed to protect our ZEROCAP technology. We are proud of this achievement and what it means to guitar players who are looking for the utmost in tonal integrity,” said Hank Wallace, inventor of the ZEROCAP cable.

The company recently announced its new ZEROCAP VC system, which for the first time in the known universe makes guitar cable capacitance variable! The guitarist can dial in the amount of cable capacitance to create the tone he/she wants to hear. This provides a palette of tones previously unavailable using standard technology cables and tone controls.

For more information go to www.aqdi.com/zerocap.htm

This is a Press Release.

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  1. ZEROCAP Cable

    Let’s all remember that if capacitance is TOO LOW you can end up with an extremely treble-y, tinny, brittle-sounding guitar. I don’t want my guitar to sound like it’s on a 1-foot cable. Give me more like an average-sounding 10-foot cord. Remember also, that Hendrix played his Strats through those extremely cheap and high-capacitance curly cords. They were a distinct influence on his overall sound. Low cap to some degree is great, but too much of a good thing is . . .

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