Vox SoundBox Mini

Vox introduces the SoundBox Mini, a portable multimedia player and instrument amplifier in one retro style package.

Vox Soundbox Mini

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This compact multi-purpose amplifier packs in a lot of features including built-in effects, multimedia and multi-instrument compatibility, and the ability to run on battery power.

Although it looks more like an old school boom box than an amplifier, SoundBox Mini is a true portable guitar amp with a wealth of features. The amplifier section gives you up to 11 amplifier models that cover a variety of input sources. It covers essentials from clean tone to distorted sound for electric guitars and it includes modeled amps for acoustic guitar and bass. Flat response amplifier models are also available for plugging in keyboards and other audio devices. You can pick from a wide range of settings for whatever you want to plug-in.

Aside from amp models, the new SoundBox Mini comes with a host of practical effects including compressor, flanger, chorus and tremolo. There are also four types of delay/reverb effects available and they come with a tap tempo switch. It even comes with a basic “E” note tuner for added convenience.

Adding to the instrument input is an Aux in Jack and a Mic jack. This means that you can connect a portable music player, a mic and your guitar and hear them simultaneously through the unit. There is even a nifty “Center Cancel” feature that can minimize the central frequencies so you can remove the vocal or solo part of the music – ideal for learning vocals or lead parts!

Finally, Vox equipped the amp with Korg’s “Acoustage” technology via a Wide switch. When activated, it enables the two adjacently-placed speakers to project an expansive sound field that gives off the same sonic image as two separate speakers. This turns this small amp into a hi-fi multimedia speaker that works great when you just want to listen to your favorite tracks.

The new Vox SoundBox Mini is expected to hit the stores by March with a retail price of $199. Head over to Vox Amps for more information and the complete specifications.

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