Orange Dual Dark Amplifier Series – NAMM 2014

The new Dual Dark Amplifier is Orange Amps’ latest high-end offering, available in 50 Watt and 100 Watt versions.

Orange Dual Dark

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As Orange puts it, these new amps showcase their innovative side, with features that include a built-in attenuator and a channel with a brand new voice. They were part of Orange’s big announcements at the 2014 NAMM Show.

As expected, the dual channel amps carry the brand’s reputation for creating British tones, however Orange decided to shake things up by introducing a channel that has a completely new voicing never before heard on their lineup.

Channel A reproduces this new sound, while Channel B takes with it the “Dark Terror” tone. The two channels can go from clean to crunch at lower gain settings, and can go higher with four stages of gain. The new Dual Dark series is said to provide the highest levels of gain that this brand has ever offered!

Aside from the new voicing and extended gain, Dual Dark comes with footswitchable attenuators for playing at lower volumes while still driving the tubes. Dual Dark 50 can be switched to 25 or 50 Watts, while Dual Dark 100 offers more options – 100, 70, 50 or 30 Watts. Like other Orange amplifiers, both versions of Dual Dark come with a low impedance effects loop section.

Orange Dual Dark

Giving the amp its power and tone are 12ax7 preamp tubes, EL34 power amp tubes and a 12at7 tube for the effects loop section. Although standard EL34s are used by default, you can use other tetrode valves as long as it is biased correctly by a technician.

Orange summaries: “The Dual Dark amps have been built with state of the art components backed by Orange’s ever evolving design and deliver the biggest amount of gain available in the history of their amps.”

Pricing information will soon be available, visit Orange Amps for the complete specifications of the two Dual Dark amplifiers.

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