Danelectro U3 select-o-matic

Posted by Iedil on Tue, 12/05/06 - 18:32:26.
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Hello there!! i have just bought a dano U3 but until today i can't figure out how to use the select-o-matic knob and the pickup properly. can someone enlighten me with this knowledge? thank you in advance and may god bless you!!

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Re: Danelectro U3 select-o-matic

Hey Ledil,

Here's the lowdown on the Select-O-Matic:

Select-O-Matic numbered settings:

1. neck & bridge
2. neck
3. neck & middle
4. middle
5. middle & bridge
6. bridge
7. Toggle switch bypasses the rotary switch and turns all 3 pickups on at once in series.

If you didn't already figure it out, I hope this help.


Re: Danelectro U3 select-o-matic

First, with the toggleswitch in the down (or right) position, the selectomatic is non-functional. Both pick ups are on full.

With the toggle switch in the up (or left) position, the selectomatic dials between the two pick-ups. In the clockwise most position only the bridge pickup is on, then progressively as you dial counterclockwise the current transfers to the other pick-up. You get a twangier treblier tone with the bridge pickup, and a meatier, rounder tone with the other one. Hope that helps. I have a U3 too and love it.

Re: Danelectro U3 select-o-matic

you say two pickups, but there are three on the U3, right? does it only activate the two pickups closest to the bridge? anyhow, thanks for the information. very helpful.

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