Washburn D17 CES BR

Posted by MTW on Sun, 03/10/02 - 11:00:51.

Does anyone else own one of these or how much they sold for new? I think it looks like sycamore wood, any ideas?

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For fans of the D17 ce

Washburn D17CE/BR


For anyone interested, I have a Washburn D17CE/BR (Tobacco Burst) that is in like new/mint condition including the original washburn electronics. Comes with a new plush lined hardshell case and new strings.

I am asking $550.

If interested call Steve at 480.202.2458 or email me. I can send pictures upon request. Located in Gilbert, AZ.

Help checking the year and exact model of my Washburn acoustic

I got this beautiful guitar second hand from a friend whom purchased in Sweden in the 90’s, it appears to be a d17 but I couldn’t find a similar one in color over the internet. Can anybody give me a hand with it? By the way is green and instead of the diamonds it has dots and the w inlaid in the 12th fret.

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

I own a Washburn D17-CE/WR (Wine Red w/Flame Maple top) The MSRP in 92-95 was about $1000.00. I once had a TB (Tabacco)and would love to find another one but, I had to sell it. So, replaced it with the WR in 95 as it was the only one I could find new but is a beautiful instrument in ALL respects. These are AWESOME guitars. I even still have the original color Advertisment Sheet from when I bought the TB Washburn and it shows mutiple models. It shows all three color options.
Anyway, hit me up if ya wanna sell or trade my Ovation.
I installed Solid Ebony end pins and it made quite a difference in tone. I am due for a fret job soon as I have played the Hell of of mine. Still my favorite Acoustic and will never let it go. I would trade my Ovation S778 Elite Special a $1400.00 guitar w/molded Ovation Branded (SKB) Case even though I really love it's tone and playability too, for a back up Washburn D17.


what is the outside trim of the Washburn Acoustic Guitar D17 CES WR Flamed Sycamore Electric 1993 made of ? I love this guitar and know about it except the creamy bonding? Also my end pins are gold not white! Thanks

Washburn D17

I am to acquire a D17 and it is near perfect with the exception of the pre-amp. It is "done". Has anyone replaced the original with a new unit and if so, what did you install?

Thanks. Looking forward to this guitar very much.

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

I totally agree, this is one sweet guitar !!! I happened to be working at a Washburn dealer (97') when I bought mine, directly from a factory Rep, I got it very cheap !! But, as best I remember the MSRP was around $1000.00. I love this guitar, and with just a little touch of stereo "chorus", the piezo electronics, the clean sound will make you melt. VERY awesome !!! Everything is book-matched, absolutely beautiful !!! I will never sell this guitar !!!

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

I have a Washburn D17 DES/BR, bought it in 1993 or 1994. Besides electrics, I've owned 4 different acoustic guitars, played a bunch more friends' acoustics, and I've never liked a guitar better than this one. For one thing, it stays in tune for so long, I can just pick it up and play it if I don't feel like stopping to tune and it sounds great. I can play riffs almost like I do on my telecaster. And the beauty of the wood and design is tops. Glad to hear others love it as much as me. Keep on rockin.

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

Yes, wood is sycamore. This guitar was $999.00. This is the best investment I ever made. Has the most beautiful sound.

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

Yes, I own it! I am trying to find out some info on my Washburn D-17 ce/m? Serial Number: 9204018. I've looked for it on the internet and have not found any info. Just a few mentions. I've owned this guitar since I bought in 199?4 at Robb's Music in Boulder, CO. I love it. Played and recorded with it from Blues to Bluegrass. It has been such a solid performer! Thanks for the help!

Washburn 12 string

I own a Washburn D-17CES-12WR. Serial #9301003. It is wine red, flamed, Equis electronics. Guitar is in good shape. Anyone have any info on this guitar? MSRP? Approximate value?
thanks, rg

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

Rod I have a DC17 CEM also! The action is pretty high and I can't figure out if it's worth the money to fix the thing. It has great tone even though it's not a solid top.

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

I recently traded some equipment for a D17CES BR went online to Washburn web site and found the archives. These guitars were made 1993 only and the MSP was $892.00. One way to tell the year is the inlaid W on the 12th fret. I love this guitar I put a set of D'Addario EJ16 Light Phosphor Bronze and love the way it sounds

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

: I own aD17CES and am looking to trade for the right guitar. I had a telecaster in mind but feel free to send any suggestions.

To. Trade

I have a reissue fender thinline telecaster in perfect condition with fender case. I also have a 1994 Washburn D17CE/WR. I love the Washburn so much I wouldn't mind having another. I would consider an even trade. I have the fender for sale for 800. Call or text me at 702 985 4042 if this interests you. It is a Japanese fender made around 96. I can send PicsB7G

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

Yeah I just picked one up in the pawn shop for 250. Sweet guitar. Installed Dean Markley ML bronze wound strings for that crisp clean sound.
This is my first Washburn. I'm gonna get more.

My bridge appears to be ebony not rosewood.

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

: Does anyone else own one of these or how much they sold for new? I think it looks like sycamore wood, any ideas?
Sorry about the typos in the last comment

Re: Washburn D17 CES BR

: Does anyone else own one of these or how much they sold for new? I think it looks like sycamore wood, any ideas?
I got this from a website, just looking for curiousity becasue I ahve had one for about 6 years and wouldn't part with it, it's a great guitar.
I found this price in www.musicshack.net, If it's as good as my 1992 model (if I understand the serial # correctly), $599 is quite a deal.

Songwritters Series

•Flamed Sycamore Top, Back & Sides•Seven Layer Multibound Top•Bound Peghead•Rosewood Fingerboard•Snowflake Inlay•Rosewood Bridge•Equis Silver Preamp System•Fishman Matrix Transducer•Color: WR,•

Retail $999.90 Price - $599.90

Just type Washburne D17

Washburn D17 CES WR


Does anyone else own one of these or how much they sold for new?
What it's the price?It's a top guitar?


Re: Washburn D17 CES WR

The answer depends, but here is the info from the Washburn archives:
1992-Spruce Top-$699 for six string (MSRP)
$749 for 12 String (MSRP)
1993-Flamed Sycamore Top- $829 for Six String (MSRP)
$839 for 12 String (MSRP)

Today, if you are lucky enough to find one, they are usually $300-$500. I recently purchased one in need of some repair for $80, and now it's fixed up.

Re: Washburn D17 CES WR

: Hy,

: Does anyone else own one of these or how much they sold for new?
: What it's the price?It's a top guitar?

: Thancs.

How much do these guitars go for today?

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