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Lava Cable introduces The Lava Cable Center

Lava Cable has introduced The Lava Cable Center, featuring the smallest, most reliable, best sounding solder-free plug and cable combination available anywhere.

Parker Guitars introduces the DF842AD Adam Dutkiewicz Signature

Parker Guitars has introduced the DF842AD from Killswitch Engage guitarist, Adam Dutkiewicz. Dutkiewicz is considered one of the most influential guitarists of the “New Wave of American Heavy Metal”.

Washburn introduces the WI595 from its Idol Series

Washburn Guitars has introduced the WI595, its latest release from the Idol Series.

The Recording King Custom Shop announces the ROS-697 12Th Fret 000-Style Guitar

The Recording King Custom Shop has introduced the an all-new Century Studio Series Custom Shop Model, the ROS-697.

PRS Guitars debuts the Starla Stoptail electric guitar

The Starla Stoptail has the same retro-inspired vibe as its predecessor with one noticeable difference: it features a two-piece, adjustable stoptail bridge that dramatically alters the look and feel of the original Bigsby fitted Starla model while bringing out more of a mid-range woodiness in the tone.

VHT introduces the Lead 40 tube guitar amplifier

VHT has announced the release of the Lead 40, a powerful 2-channel all-tube amp perfect for both classic and modern overdriven tube tones. The Lead 40 has been carefully designed and tested in VHT's Brisbane, CA workshop.

LACE unveils the Alumitone Deathbucker electric guitar pickup

Using patented and patent pending Lace current driven technology, the Deathbucker was designed by Jeff Lace, for high output with a heavy metal drive. Extreme output with thunderous bottom end, yet crisp highs allow the player the most versatile of high output pickups.

Nova Drive pedal now shipping

Nova Drive is TC Electronic's new programmable analog overdrive and distortion pedal. It features the analog drive circuit as the Nova System and has full digital control. Nova Drive is therefore the ultimate distortion and overdrive pedal, offering the best of both worlds: sonic excellence combined with total control. On top of the superb tone, Nova Drive has excellent preset and control options that ensure guitarists don't have to rebuild their set-ups from scratch to use it. The pedal also comes packed with 18 killer sounding factory presets, meaning that guitarists will be ready to rock in no time at all.

PRS presents the 59/09 electric guitar pickup

The PRS 59/09 is the newest addition to Paul Reed Smith Guitars' 1957/2008 Series line of pickups. Slightly darker and more powerful in the bridge with a touch more clarity and brightness in the neck, the 59/09 provides a tonal alternative to the industry revered original 1957/2008 pickups, known for their articulate clarity and rich harmonic overtones.

Eastwood introduces the new Airline RS-I and RS-II hollow body guitar

Eastwood Guitars has introduced the new Airline RS-I & RS-II hollow-body guitars – tributes to the Roy Smeck model of the late 50’s – but with modern playability and much more. These Flamed Maple beauties feature the new Vintage AIRLINE Argyle pickups, which creates a clean natural distortion without any feedback thanks to Eastwood’s unique hollow-body chamber bracing. Modern sonic engineering combined with the all new single coil pickups makes this a must have for any guitarist.

Thomas Corbishley Guitars introduces the Takoba Handmade electric guitar

Thomas Corbishley Guitars has announced the availability of the Takoba handmade electric guitar. The Takoba combines gorgeous looks, stunning tones and exceptional playing performance in a uniquely designed instrument.

Carvin debuts its latest bass model the SB4000

Carvin has debuted its newest bass model, the SB4000. Designed in conjunction with noted bassist Sekou Bunch, the SB4000 represents a significant departure from our other bolt-neck basses. The SB4000 has a vintage vibe, with a completely new body and headstock design, and other options that make this model an instant retro classic.

VHT announces the new Classic 6 tube amplifier

VHT announces the release of the Classic 6, a simple, low-wattage amp with a big sound. The Classic 6 has been carefully designed and tested in VHT's Brisbane, CA workshop.

Orange Amplification relaunches Crush PiX range

With great sound, great looks and packed full of cool features the new Orange Crush PiX range of amps are being upgraded to pack more punch and offer more great value for money.

Joe Satriani joins the Marshall family

Marshall Amplification has announced that Joe Satriani will be using a Marshall backline for new group Chickenfoot. The super group, made up of four rock legends, started the European leg of their world tour on June 20th and will be heading back over to the States in August to continue.

Alfred Music Publishing invites music makers of all ages to play guitar

As individuals throughout the world experience times of economic strife, music making becomes a way to delight in the moment and experience good times at a good price. Alfred Music Publishing, the No. 1 educational music publisher in the world, invites music makers and music enthusiasts of all ages to go back to the basics by learning to play guitar with new quality educational guitar products.

Lava Cable introduces black and gold solder free plug

Lava Cable has iintroduced a new version of its revolutionary solder-free plug. This new plug comes with a black anodized housing and gold-plated stem and grounding sleeve and is available in both right angle and straight versions. It is the lowest in capacitance of any like plug on the market and the gold plating offers a minor increase in conductivity over nickel to provide for slightly increased sonic performance.

DBZ Guitars unleashes Bird Of Prey electric guitar

DBZ Guitars has announced a radical new instrument that will redefine the world of metal guitars: the Bird of Prey. From the darkest depths of legendary guitar designer Dean B. Zelinsky, and anchoring the company's metal-inspired Darkside of Dean line, the Bird of Prey combines advanced design techniques, high performance and unstoppable off-the-hook stage appeal in the same instrument.

Lick Library release series of Guns N Roses DVDs

Lick Library have just released the ultimate guide to playing Guns N’ Roses with a series of professional works shops and tutorials totaling more than eleven hours of lessons. Their songs have for a generation of guitarists given inspiration and ideas. There are so many classic tracks Lick Library have produced three separate tuition DVD’s in easy to learn formats explaining clearly the techniques, song structures, sounds and right way to play their songs. This is a must for any guitarist wanting to learn more, not just about playing Guns N’ Roses songs, but essential to learning rock playing.

TalentTrove launches Best Guitar Solo Contest sponsored by Michael Kelly Guitars

Can you Shred the guitar like Slash or play blues like Eric Clapton? Guitarists will have their chance to be a star with global Internet talent Web

Mack Amps launches Gem Guitar Amp

Update The Gem 2G is Now Available The Gem produces rich, Class A, boutique tone and features configurable gain stages and new power switching technology — all in a tiny (8" x 5-½" x 4"), 4 lb package that's small enough to stow in a carry-on bag. Mack's unique power switching feature changes its single EL84's output from a loud 4 watts to 0.4 watts — without affecting its tone. High-gain rock sounds can be achieved at whisper quiet volume. A 6AC10 NOS triple-triode preamp tube (preamp tubes are typically dual-triodes) provides the flexibility to produce preamp or power tube distortion or both.

Hanson Pickups launches new guitar line

Hanson Musical Instruments has announced a full line of electric guitars available in August 2009. Branded as 'Hanson Guitars' the initial offerings include 4 solid-body models: The Cigno and Cigno ST based on a set-neck triple-P90 design, and the Firenze and Firenze ST which are triple mini-humbucker equipped, bolt-on neck models. Retail price points range between $799-$899 (Est. $575 - $650 Street price).

Cakewalk releases new version of Guitar Tracks Pro

Cakewalk has announced Guitar Tracks Pro Version 4 and Guitar Tracks Pro USB, a new version and look-and-feel for the leading software designed for the recording guitarist and singer/songwriter, plus a new, complete recording solution that includes a high quality audio interface.

New vintage guitar parts website launches with free evaluations for visitors

The Parts Drawer has launched a new website dedicated to the free dissemination of information related to vintage guitar parts and their authenticity. The new website allows vintage guitar enthusiasts to submit specific questions about vintage guitars and parts. A detailed answer to their question may also be posted to the new website.

Aguilar Amplification announces Artist Series Master Class with Steve Jenkins and Matt Rubano

Aguilar Amplification has announced a special installment of their Artist Series Master Classes on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 with endorsing artists, Steve Jenkins and Matt Rubano.

EMG releases Alexi Laiho signature pickup set

EMG has released The EMG-ALX with ABQ EQ/Boost, the new Alexi Laiho signature model. This is a newly designed EMG passive model custom wound and includes the new ABQ EQ/Boost which features a push (to activate) / pull (to deactivate) control. The ABQ has a 3 band EQ which can be adjusted for creating different tone settings. The boost output can be adjusted as well to add or subtract gain.

LyT Pedalboards announces 24 and 32 inch models

LyT Pedalboards are constructed from a special wood-composite material that offers superior strength at a very low weight point. Pedalboards are available in two standard sizes (24 and 32 inches) with both models featuring an angled second story tier for easy pedal access (as well as handy, under-tier storage), along with durable, non-skid rubber feet, a low profile (standing only ½” off the ground- perfect for preserving the tactile sensation of using your pedals right on the floor) and an ultra light weight- under 6 lbs for the 32 inch model and only 4 lbs 7 oz for the 24- roughly the weight of a Chihuahua.

Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo unveil signature Fender Jazzmasters

Fender has teamed up with legendary rockers Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore to release their own signature model Jazzmaster electric guitars. Both guitarists are long time fans of the iconic Jazzmaster, using its unique sound to help create their highly identifiable brand of noise rock for over two decades.

Fender introduces the ’57 Champ

In homage to the original golden age of tweed amps, Fender has introduced its custom ’57 Champ, a hand-wired little beauty that recreates one of the most revered small amps in Fender history.The Fender Champ of the late 1950s was well known as a small low-power practice amp with a surprisingly big sound that subsequently proved itself as a must-have studio amp for many of the world’s greatest guitarists.

Interview with Bill Leverty

Although best known as the guitarist for pop metallists FireHouse, it turns out that Bill Leverty is no one-trick pony, as evidenced by his new solo release, ‘Deep South.’ Instead of focusing on the arena-ready rockers that his full-time band specializes in, ‘Deep South’ is steeped in tough blues and southern rock sounds – bringing to mind such legendary names as ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Allman Brothers. Leverty recently took some time out to discuss ‘Deep South’ with Guitarsite.

Rockett Pedals releases Blue Note Overdrive

Rockett Pedals and Brian Wampler have announced the official release of the Blue Note Overdrive. The Blue Note gives you a very woodsy blues feel and can achieve more gain than a typical tube screamer. With the newly added "Hot" switch the pedal is capable of multiple tones.

V-Picks releases Ruby Red Series guitar picks

These gems are made of the same fantastic, cast acrylic material as the other V-Picks. Same gripping action, wear resistant, fast action, and tons of tone. But these are even cooler because they are clear Ruby Red. Designed by Mrs V herself in celebration of 2009 and everyone finally being healthy in the Smith family! She worked quite some time with the R&D department to come up with this very unique looking guitar pick. These colored picks are a result of listening to our players and trying our best to always give them what they want and need. It is a limited run and only 500 of each model were made.

New Bose L1 Compact portable line array system

Bose has introduced the new L1 Compact portable line array system, the latest and most portable addition to the Bose L1 product line. Using advanced Bose technologies, an L1 Compact system fills the room with only one speaker, and can be carried in a single trip and set up in less than one minute.

The POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator pedal now available

Back in 2005, Electro-Harmonix unveiled the original POG, a polyphonic octave generator that enabled guitarists to conjure everything from the surreal jangle of an 18-string guitar, multi string basses, classic organs and rich walls of symphonic textures.

IK Multimedia launches Guitar Recording Master Classes

Pick the brains of some of today's hottest and brightest players, producers and recording engineers to learn exactly how they get their fantastic tone in the studio and on stage in the digital age. Announcing the new IK Multimedia "Guitar Recording Master Classes," sponsored by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Hal Leonard Corporation, SAE Institute and Sonoma Wire Works.

Rockett Pedals introduces the Lemon Aid pedal

Rockett Pedals has released and is now shipping the second and long awaited design from the new Pro Series Line. The "Lemon Aid" is a very versatile frequency modifier/boost pedal that offers clean boost, treble boost and full boost. Each boost mode has a thick or thin setting along with an output cut.

Behringer EM600 Echo Machine Effects Pedal Demo

Every delay effect has its cause. That’s why we packed so many into one compact pedal. The EM600 puts the entire history of delay at your feet: D

Chicago Iron Octavian Plus Pedal Demo

You get four great sounds in one pedal and two foot switches to use either effect on the fly. Imagine crankin' a solo in an awesome vintage fuz

Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal Demo

The humble Boss SD-1 follows a simple philosophy that keeps it among the top overdrive pedals today - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

ISP Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal Demo

Here's the ISP Decimator Noise Reduction pedal at work again, this time direct from the Tele to the Music Man 112RD, both on clean and distorti

Jetter Gain Stage Pedal Demo - Blue vs Red

Here are the blue and red versions, total opposites, but both very cool. The blue almost has a Fuzz tone to it, and the Red is like a souped up Tub

Retrosound Tweed Super Guitar Amp

Tweed super copy, built in 2002 by Greg Powis, Retrosound, Melbourne. All NOS tubes (including TungSol 5881s), point to point hand wiring, Weber Cl

GT-10 Guitar Multi-Effects Preamp Demo

Rock out live with amazing effects using the BOSS GT-10 Multiple Effects Guitar Pedal. The GT-10, driven by BOSS' latest custom-made DSP and pr

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Demo

Demonstration of settings and sounds for the Mesa Boogie Rectifier Guitar Amplifier. The Dual Rectifier Solo Head was the most popular model of the

Baron Custom Amps KT88 Demo

This is a custom tube head built for me by Dave at Baron Custom amps. Signal chain is guitar to amp to cab. ESP MH400nt to Baron Custom KT88 head t

Blackheart BH5H Little Giant Amp Demo

Preamp tube replaced with EH 12AT7. Played through C90 speaker in the Boogie Express 5:50 combo. Guitar is ESP LTD EC-400VF. Effects include Boss D

Sam Swank Gibson 339 Demo

This is an ES339 that belongs to one of my students. It's a really great instrument. Gibson has tightened up a lot of significant quality contr

G&L Tribute Series S500 Guitar Demo

The G&L Tribute series are more affordable versions of the USA made G&L guitars. They include some features more normally associated with m

Martin D15 Acoustic Guitar Demo

A demo and review of the Martin D-15 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. This all mahogany acoustic guitar from Martin produces a warm tone that just make

Agile 3000 Guitar Demo

A demo of my new Agile 3000 guitar compared to my Epipone LP100. Straight into computer from Line6 Floor Pod Plus. Treble pickup with tone and volu

2004 Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard Guitar Demo

Here's a 2004 Epiphone Elite series Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar for you to check out. They came stock with Gibson USA pickups and are mad

Win a limited edition Woodstock 40th anniversary Stratocaster!

In celebration of the cultural legacy of Woodstock, a customized Standard Strat guitar has been produced exclusively as one of only 40 and is not available for sale. The grand prize winner takes home the guitar and the ultimate collectors edition "Woodstock - the directors cut on Blueray or DVD. The runner up will receive a 2 disk DVD - 3 days of peace and love "Woodstock".

Introducing the Kingman Bass SCE

Fender presents what is very likely its most distinctive acoustic bass guitar model ever, the Kingman Bass SCE. Fender has issued a handful of acclaimed acoustic basses in recent years, all with the traditional two-on-each-side tuner scheme on the headstock. What immediately distinguishes the Kingman Bass SCE, however, is its Fender Jazz Bass neck and headstock.

Guitar Teacher Resource Website Launched features loads of free resources designed to help anyone start or improve a guitar teaching business and features a wide range of professionally prepared handouts that can be printed over and over again at the touch of a button. Alongside the paid for package (which at present gives access to over 250 handouts for $15.00) also features loads of free handouts that guitar and bass teachers can download use in their lessons today.

V-Picks releases the new Psycho guitar pick

This pick is unlike any other guitar pick you have tried. Guaranteed! Laser cut the same size as the Freakishly Large, and 5.85mm thick. The thickness makes the Psycho easy to hold on to because you can keep your hand relaxed and in a more natural position. Plus the mass hitting the string creates a lot of energy and produces much more sound and much better sound. Like all the V-Picks, the Psycho warms up to your touch and clings to your fingers without feeling sticky at all.

BSM releases the J-Fuzz Guitar Stompbox

The BSM J-Fuzz stompbox is a faithful recreation of the old original Jennings Fuzz from the late 60s. Tom Jennings was the founder and master-mind of the VOX company in the late 50s, companied by his friend and technician Dick Denney, who engineerd the famous VOX AC30 amp as well as the VOX Defiant transistor amp with a built-in fuzz circuit — both amps became well-known and famous because of the Beatles, who used this amps.

New Carvin Signature Inlays

Carvin has added a new inlay option to our Custom Shop guitars and basses. Our new Carvin Signature Inlays are available in abalone (ABS) or mother-of-pearl (MPS) and are completely unique to Carvin Custom Shop instruments - there are no other inlays like this in the industry!

The first Distortion Pedal based on Quantum Mechanical Tunneling introduced

The QuantumDrive is a versatile and unique overdrive and distortion unit that uses a patent pending process to dynamically shape the sound of the guitar by means of a quantum tunneling device. Quantum tunneling is a curious physics principle which allows matter to "pass through" other matter which would normally be impenetrable. Acoustic Imaginearing has developed a means of using this effect to modify a guitar signal in unique and previously unheard of ways.

Godlyke launches new line of boutique effect pedals

Godlyke has announced the launch of our new line of boutique effect pedals, Totally Wycked Audio (TWA). Consisting of dedicated analog stompboxes,

Guitar Center Professional unveils new website

Guitar Center Professional recently went live with its new website, greatly enhancing the user's online experience. The new site features a streamlined interface, straightforward navigation, and new market-derived content, all part of a clean design that focuses on the applications of GC Pro's customers, allowing them to easily connect with GC Pro's account managers and other sales staff. Up-to-date news on products and installations is seamlessly integrated into the site's main pages, which are split among dedicated recording studio, post-production, live sound and house of worship site areas.

Tone Clone Pedals now taking orders for 5 new kits

Tone Clone Pedals has released and is now accepting orders for 5 new kits. The new kits include The Retro Screamer, the Wampler Cranked AC, the Supervisor DS-Uno, the Nobleman ODR-Uno and the Sheriff Ball Breaker.

London Guitar Show announces its 2009 Final Line-up

The London Guitar show is back at the world class ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London Docklands June 11th to 14th 2009 and the UK's biggest guitar show is better than ever. With only 10 days to go we can now announce a truly world class line-up of acts to entertain, inspire and wow the crowds, plus the best display of gear under one roof and an action packed schedule of signings and seminars.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Ralph Towner

by Doc Dosco This week we feature the legendary guitarist Ralph Towner. Musical in

Interview with bass player Noah Babcock

Loomis & the Lust aren't just riding waves in their home town of Santa Barbara— they're making their own. The quartet creates catchy, buoyant rock n' roll with flourishes of funk and dance. Noah Babcock's bass bounces through deep rhythms from drummer Jeremy Berisha, while Thomas Masker bolts down the riffs. At the center of the sound stands vocalist and guitarist Will Loomis, who propels the band into the pop rock stratosphere with his combination of vocal bravado and guitar gusto.

Hendrix's 1963 Strat up for auction

Jimi Hendrix's personally owned and played white 1963 Fender Stratocaster (serial L14985) is expected to pull over 120 thousand US dollars at auction.

Interview with Owl singer/bassist Chris Wyse

Owl is a rock band featuring three exceptionally talented rock musicians who have joined together to create something that is more than the sum of its individual parts. The band is a collaboration between bassist/singer Chris Wyse (The Cult), drummer Dan Dinsmore (The Clay People), and guitarist Jason Mezilis (Your Horrible Smile). Wyse and Dinsmore met growing up in New York and have now realized their dream of playing in a band together. Local Los Angeles luminary Mezilis rounds out the line-up.

Naylor launches new company: Armor Gold Cables

Armor Gold Cables has introduced its line of industrial strength cables for the guitar market. The company is owned by designer Joe Naylor. The line includes instrument, pedal patch, and speaker cables.

Interview with Owl guitarist Jason Mezilis

Owl is a rock band featuring three exceptionally talented rock musicians who have joined together to create something that is more than the sum of its individual parts. The band is a collaboration between bassist/singer Chris Wyse (The Cult), drummer Dan Dinsmore (The Clay People), and guitarist Jason Mezilis (Your Horrible Smile). Wyse and Dinsmore met growing up in New York and have now realized their dream of playing in a band together. Local Los Angeles luminary Mezilis rounds out the line-up.

VHT 'The Standard' Series 36 Watt Handwired Head is now available

VHT has announced the release of the handwired 36 Watt Head from the Standard Series line, The Standard 36. The Standard 36 Head is carefully handwired in the VHT workshop just outside of San Francisco, where experienced VHT designers oversee every step of the assembly and extensive testing. All VHT handwired amplifiers are carefully pre-tested for quality. Extensive burn-in time helps to insure excellent reliability in every amplifier we manufacture.

The Croc Skin Bolero has been unleashed

Offering adventurous guitarists a totally unique instrument, DBZ Guitars' brand new Croc Skin Bolero model will blow minds and turn heads: the Croc Skin Bolero. Straight from the mind of legendary guitar designer Dean Zelinsky, The Croc Skin Bolero combines DBZ's legendary playability with looks so realistic Dean B. Zelinsky may soon be explaining himself to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Rockett Pedals releases the Flex Drive Pedal

Rockett Pedals has released and is now shipping the first and long awaited design from the new Pro Series Line. The "Flex Drive" is a very versatile over drive pedal that can go from clean boost to scorching lead tones with blues and country in between. The Flex Drive is the first release of an entire series designed for the professional musician.

Framus announces signature archtops, 'Tears of Dracula' Mayfield Pro

Framus has announced two new signature archtop guitars, the LP-10 Leo Ponikvar Signature and the MM-10 Mitja Mastnak Signature. They also have announced aSpecial Edition Gearmany 'Tears of Dracula' Mayfield Pro.

Author Greg Prato’s magazine writing showcased in new book, ‘No Schlock Just Rock!’

In addition to being the author of three well-received books (2008’s ‘A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on the Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon’ and ‘Touched By Magic: The Tommy Bolin Story,’ plus 2009’s ‘Grunge is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music’), writer Greg Prato also regularly contributes to several websites and magazines. His latest book, ‘No Schlock…Just Rock!’ (released through collects most of Greg’s writing for the UK-based mags Classic Rock, Guitarist, Metal Hammer, and Record Collector, between a five-year span (2003-2008).

New 50th Anniversary Airline 59 Custom 2P Gold Guitar

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Airline brand, Eastwood Guitars has released 50 limited edition Metallic Gold Airline ’59 Custom 2P guitars. These individually numbered collector edition models ship in the Deluxe Airline form-fit hardshell case and include a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the founder of Eastwood Guitars, Mike Robinson.

Guitar Affair launches unique new service for guitar enthusiasts

Guitar Affair has announced general availability of its offering that has been in testing with select customers since January. The new Guitar Affair service targets guitar enthusiasts who frequently travel for business as well as those who wish to demo limited availability guitars prior to purchasing them.

PRS Guitars releases new metallic finishes featuring DuPont Hot Hues

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is once again teaming up with long-time partner DuPont and their Hot Hues palette of colors to present brilliant new metallic guitar offerings. PRS Guitars has been using DuPont paints for more than ten years and has been using Hot Hues paint since its inception.

Guitarists band together on the internet to recover stolen guitar

On April 23, 2009, ace guitar slinger Rod DeGeorge was having another normal night, gigging with his band Burnt Sienna at the Deer Park Tavern in Newark, DE. Rod's instrument of choice this evening was his prized XOX Handle, a $4,000 guitar made entirely of carbon fiber and composite materials by Italian guitar maker XOX Audio Tools. Since starting to play the XOX handle, DeGeorge has talked a lot about his affinity for the new guitar on the Internet with his many fans, and has even published XOX demonstration videos.

T-Rex presents the Gristle King Pedal

The Gristle King is a combination of the features of the DGTM and the Luxury Drive, offering a wide variety of boost and overdrive possibilities.

WaveAngle now shipping Radian wireless guitar system

WaveAngle is now shipping the Radian Gold Series Wireless Guitar System. The Radian system is an ultra-compact, wireless device designed for use with electric guitars and basses. The device is the first in the industry to combine crystal clear audio quality and rock solid digital wireless connectivity in an ultra-compact form factor. The new design delivers uncompressed, CD quality signal, overcomes previous issues experienced with other wireless devices and eliminates the unwanted tangle of cables on any stage.

Guitar Center Session's presents Ernie Ball Music Man's 25th anniversary tour

Guitar Center and Ernie Ball/Music Man have announced an evening of dialogue and music with guitar and bass virtuosos Steve Morse and Dave La Rue.

Effectrode releases Tube Vibra Chorus Pedal

Effectrode is now shipping the Vibra Chorus. The Vibra Chorus pedal was created to reproduce haunting and ethereal chorus voicings with a level purity that is unmatched by any other phaser, Uni-Vibe or vibrato pedal. The phase-shifting circuitry is optimised to operate on the frequency spectrum of electric guitar rather the organ, where the Uni-Vibe attempted to simulate a 'Leslie' rotating system.

New Tobias Growler Bass from Gibson USA

Started by famed luthier Michael Tobias in the mid ’70s, Tobias basses have always found their way into the hands of world-renowned bassists like Bootsy Collins, Jimmy Haslip, Dave Pomeroy, Dave Baumberger, David Bonk, Dean Back, Mario Guini, Vernon Heard, Duane Propes, Kern Brantley, Del Atkins and Volley Craig. Thirty-plus years later, the quality and precision of a Tobias bass has reached new heights in the new 2009 Limited Run Series Tobias Growler from Gibson USA.

The new limited edition Les Paul Florentine with Bigsby Tailpiece

Using Gibson’s Les Paul Standard as its base design, the new 2009 Limited Run Series Les Paul Florentine with Bigsby Tailpiece combines the Les Paul’s iconic form with avant-garde features that keep it one step ahead of everything else. The standard Les Paul cutaway gives way to the wider and deeper Florentine Cutaway.

What's Hot With Jazz Guitar: Tony do Rosario 2

by Doc Dosco Jazz guitarist Tony do Rosario has a brilliant new release called 'New Beginn

A sneak peak of Gibson's Billy Gibbons 'Pearly Gates' 1959 Les Paul replica

Gibson is offering up a sneak peak of its latest creation from the Gibson Custom line, the Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates 1959 Les Paul replica. In this picture, that’s Billy’s Pearly Gates guitar on the right with the color sample by Gibson Custom sitting next to it. Release date of this icon is set to be in the not-too-distant future.

Four new Fender Acoustics

Fender Acoustics has introduced four new acoustic guitars for spring 2009; a California series model and three Classic Design series models. Let the full, resonant sound of destiny ring beneath your fingers as you strum them.

New version of Right Angle Solder-Free Plug available

Lava Cable has introduced a new version of the Right Angle Lava Plug the smallest DIY solder-free plug on the market. This new version incorporates design changes that make cable assembly much easier to include assembly with the Lava Mini ELC cable in blue. The Right Angle Lava Plug provides for aligned pedal spacing at about 1" and less than ½" when pedals are staggered. The Right Angle Lava Plug is also lower in capacitance than any other solder-free plug on the market.

Lovepedal presents Mini Pedal Line

Four new compact pedals that deliver ENORMOUS tone including the ECHO baby. a warm studio quality delay with built in modulation. Internal pots control the Mix and Feedback Levels and are easily accessible via access holes in the case. Master Volume is also controlled by an internal pot. Modulation Mode automatically adjusts the Rate and Depth as you adjust the delay time.

Introducing the Gibson Store

Gibson has announced the opening of our online Gibson Store, where you can find the very finest Gibson-themed apparel for women and men, as well as designer watches, bracelets and pens. The store also carries a large selection of Gibson guitar hardware, including bridges, pickup covers, volume and tone knobs, pickguards, toggle switches, tailpieces and tuning accessories.

Peavey now shipping VYPYR modeling amplifiers

The VYPYR Tube 120 2x12 and VYPYR Tube 60 1x12 combo amplifiers feature 24 amp channel models two channels each of 12 popular amps for the first time anywhere plus 11 editable preamp "stomp box" effects and 11 editable post-amp "rack" effects with dual-parameter control, global reverb and global delay. The VYPYR Tube 120 and Tube 60 utilize a 6L6GC tube power amp styled after the Peavey 6505 and a preamp that combines 12AX7 tube and patented TransTube tone.

Reinhardt Amplification releases the Willard distortion pedal

Reinhardt Amplification has released the Willard distortion pedal. The pedal is based on a 1981 big box Rat. "I originally started playing in the early to mid 80's, and this was my favorite old pedal. I wanted to try to recreate the old tones from that time, and this is what we came up with," said company owner, Bob Reinhardt.

ValveTrain Amps introduces the Lexington Reverb amplifier

ValveTrain Amplification has announced the release of the latest addition to our Revolution Series, the Lexington Reverb Amplifier.The Lexington Reverb combo boasts all tube spring reverb, point to point hand wiring. The switchable output stage delivers a smoking 6 watts or an apartment friendly 1.5 watts through an Eminence Ramrod 10" speaker with a retail price of $699.

Two new Kerry King signature guitars from BC Rich

B.C. Rich is back with a firestorm of new signature models created in collaboration with Kerry King, legendary guitarist for Thrash Metal titans Slayer. Four new models are available, each bearing finishes, features and tones approved by King himself.

New GFS Neovin pickup sets for telecaster guitars now available

NeovinTE pickups use a unique combinations of Neodymium high power magnets, true humbucker construction and vintage appearance.

Recording King debuts new RR-60-VS professional resonator guitar

The Recording King Professional Resonator (RR-60-VS) is crafted entirely from mahogany with a parallelogram soundwell and 12th fret neck joint. The traditional squareneck design and vintage sunburst finish make this an instant classic. The hand-spun Continental Cone provides true resonator tone, rivaling anything currently available.

Internal Combustion Guitars taken to the next level

Last September we brought you Woody B's Internal Combustion Guitar and to be honest I'm still scratching my head over these things. Now Woody B has unveiled 3 new additions to its line. The V8 Deluxe ST, The Power Acoustic and The Electric Cruiser Dual Glide all come with the Internal Combustion Guitar Drive System.

B.C. Rich marks 40th anniversary with limited run of handcrafted guitars

Commemorating its 40th Anniversary B.C. Rich has announced a new series of handcrafted instruments to mark the milestone. The special guitars are a tribute to models originally developed by company founder Bernardo ("Bernie") Rico and are limited to a production run of 40 guitars per model.

Gibson unveils New 'Inspired By' Robby Krieger SG

Great guitarists play what they feel. They play what their hearts tell them to and they leave everything else for other people to worry about. That kind of connection to an instrument doesn’t happen very often, but it’s one that comes natural for Robby Krieger, who made history as lead songwriter and guitarist for The Doors. From 1965 to 1971, Krieger and The Doors created a body of music that redefined American rock and roll at its core. Today, their songs remain some of the most influential and original ever written. Much of that writing happened with Krieger’s legendary Gibson SG, which was along for every stop along the Doors’ exhilarating ride to the top.

Electro-Harmonix revamps Deluxe Memory Man

The original Deluxe Memory Man is considered by many to be the finest analog delay ever designed. Organic and musical, it has been used by rock and Roll legends and countless musicians since its introduction in 1978. With the desire to make a flawless and smooth transition, Electro-Harmonix proudly announces the "new" Deluxe Memory Man in our rugged and pedal board friendly die-cast enclosure.

Neal Moser offers Garage Guitar Building 101 seminar

Neal Moser is opening his doors to teach aspiring guitar builders the craft, trade and best kept secrets of building top notch instruments The dream of Neal Moser has always been to offer personalized service, quality hand made guitars and new designs for players who truly want unique instruments.

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