DigiTech Mosaic 12-String Effect

Digitech releases the Mosaic 12-String Effect, a pitch shifter pedal designed to emulate the sound of 12-string guitars.

DigiTech Mosaic 12-String Effect Pedal

This pedal features advanced polyphonic pitch shifting technology that properly adds doubles and octaves to the right strings, and works add it works on electric or acoustic-electric guitars.

While regular pitch shifters can be set an octave higher to work as a pseudo 12-string effect, they don’t accurately simulate the sound and feel of true 12-string guitars. This is where the Mosaic 12-String effect comes in, it behaves like a true 12-string by adding octave highs to the low three strings and simply doubling the higher three strings.

Aside from getting the correct polyphonic pitch shifting right, the pedal also features improved tracking. According to DigiTech, Mosaic will track the nuances of your picking attack and dynamics regardless of whether you are playing single notes or strumming on chords. This feature should help in giving the pedal convincing 12-string sounds that you can control via your right-hand technique.

Check out this l demo video of the Mosaic 12-string pedal:

Although it wasn’t mentioned, I assume that the company put some delay between the effect sound and the original. This minimal delay creates the illusion of space, and allows the pedal to better replicate the pick attack of players that use 12-string guitars.

Operating the pedal is pretty straightforward, simply connect it to your electric or acoustic guitar and step on the engage footswitch. Two knobs are provided for tone shaping, the Level knob adjusts the 12-string effect intensity, while the tone knob lets you adjust the overall brightness of the effect sound.

DigiTech Marketing Manager Tom Cram stated, “The Mosaic is ideal tool for live performing since it frees guitarists from having to change guitars when they need a 12-string. Its lush sound quality also make the Mosaic perfect for studio use.”

When disengaged, the pedal comes with true bypass circuitry, which means that your original guitar sound will not be affected. The pedal’s rugged metal exterior features a distinct graphic that should easily stand out from your other pedals. It comes with a power supply and a bright red LED indicator that is easy even on dark stages.

DigiTech is scheduled to release the Mosaic 12-String Effect Pedal in December of 2014, with a MSRP of $187.44. Head over to DigiTech for more information and other details.

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