DigiTech Polara Stereo Reverb

Digitech introduces the Polara Stereo Reverb, featuring seven Lexicon reverbs built into a regular sized pedal.

DigiTech Polara Stereo Reverb

This pedal is said to be an improved version of the HardWire RV-7, carrying the same technology that they co-developed with Lexicon, plus some added features.

for something compact, the Polara has an expansive set of reverb, seven to be precise. It will let you choose between traditional reverb types like Room, Hall, Spring and Plate, and it also comes with modern reverb types that include Reverse, Modulated and Halo.

Digitech Market Manager Tom Cram said, "The reverbs that we co-developed with Lexicon for the HardWire RV-7 wowed guitarists everywhere. With the Polara we retain that studio quality legacy, as well as add some cool new spacey sounds."

If you are mostly playing conventional music, then you will be using traditional reverbs majority of the time. Since most songs will normally require just a pinch of reverb, you'd probably be sticking with the Room setting, which will give you subtle and natural sounding reverbs. If you want to emulate large spaces, setting the pedal to "Hall" will increases the travel time of the echoes to make it appear like you're playing through a large hall. Spring mode is designed to faithfully reproduces the "sproing" and surf-music "splash" of classic guitar amp spring reverb, while Plate delivers the cavernous sound of the large metal plate reverb units as found in professional recording studios.

The three other modern reverb are meant to appease players that are into modern progressive and experimental music. Modulated mode adds a textured chorus effect to the reverb, resulting in unique soundscapes that changes with the modulation. You can also conjure crazy textures via the Reverse mode, which provides backwards-tape effects. Finally, Polara also comes with DigiTech's new Halo effect, which adds cascading octaves interspersed in the reverb decay for a unique sonic aura.

Switching between the seven reverb modes is done via the reverb type knob. The other three knobs allow for further tone shaping. One of which is the Liveliness control which lets you adjust the high-frequency content of the echoes. The Decay knob lets you adjust the length of the reverb duration, and finally the level knobs lets you adjust reverb mix with the original signal.

There is also a Reverb Tails on/off toggle switch that will let the reverb tails linger when turne on, or cut off the tails when turned off.

The press release concludes, "The Polara offers true bypass operation, which keeps the unaffected tone of the instrument intact when the reverb is not in use. It has mono and stereo input and output jacks for easy integration into any pedalboard and rig, and the pedal's newly designed soft-click footswitch provides reliable, noise-free operation. Included with the Polara is DigiTech's exclusive gen2 Stomplock knob guard that locks the player's settings in place and prevents accidental changes onstage, and a custom-cut hook and loop pad to securely attach the Polara to a pedalboard."

The new DigiTech Polara Stereo Reverb Pedal is expected to start shipping mid November of this year, with a suggested retail price of $187.44 . For more information and other details, head over to Digitech.

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