Fender Mexico Celebrates 25th Anniversary

In the midst of canceling their planned IPO, Fender celebrated the 25th anniversary of their factory in Ensenada, Mexico.

Fender Mexico Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The special celebration happened last July 20, 2012, marking the 25th year of Mexico made Fender instruments.

Looks like the show must go on for Fender Execs, even when their planned IPO was shelved, they celebrated the silver anniversary of their Mexico factory.

Sergio Villanueva, senior vice president, global manufacturing, for Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, was quoted saying: “We are very proud to have reached such a significant milestone. The level of craftsmanship produced in this factory is a testament to its success.”

According to Fender, more than 1000 guests joined the celebration. Local dignitaries, company executives and factory employees commemorated the facility’s 25th anniversary. This special day was greeted by spectacular fireworks displays, while the employees and guests were treated to live mariachi music with performances by Escuelita Fender, Grupo Fandango, and the popular NorteƱo band Intocable.

If you are curious as to how the factory looks like, you can watch this video tour:

The “MIM” or Made in Mexico Fender instruments are popular because of their affordability, it allows budget conscious guitarists to own Fender branded instruments at a much more reasonable price. Some purists do contest that the quality of Fender MIM products are not up to par with their Made in USA cousins, but many guitarists have come to appreciate the value and quality of the instruments coming from the Ensenada factory. The factory’s longevity itself is proof that people do appreciate and buy their products.

To check out the latest guitars and instruments that they currently offer, you can visit Fender.

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