Orange OB1-K Bass Amp

Orange Amplification introduce the new 1000 Watt solid-state OB1-K bass amplifier, their first ever rack-mountable amplifier.

Orange OB1-K

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To meet the demands of modern bass players, Orange utilized a bi-amp circuit that spits the signal into two separate paths to ensure that the lower and higher frequencies are properly represented.

Looks like Orange finally gave in to requests and decided to create a rack friendly bass amp head. This means that the amp is easier to integrate into your existing rack, making it an easy pick for bassists that require good tone and reliability. An optional sleeve mounting is available for those that want to have the original Orange look.

In designing this amp, Orange was inspired by bi-amped rigs that run their bass guitar signal through a bass and guitar amp at the same time. They then worked on including this signal path splitting capability into a single amp package – the end result of which is the OB1-K.

The OB1-K splits your bass signal into two separate paths. One side takes care of the low frequencies, producing what Orange Amps describe as tight, clean and beefy low ends. The second signal path covers the higher frequencies and behaves more like a guitar amp, it gives you two stages of controllable gain that allow for a variety of tones.

The two separate amplified signals can then be combined using the amplifier’s foot-switchable blend control giving the player even more tonal options. Orange Amps describe the sounds as ranging “from a crystal clear clean boost to all-out filthy bass mayhem.” They add: “the result is a truly brutal bass tone, which still maintains the all-important low end. This enables the bass to cut through the mix in any situation.”

Other features of the OB1-K include an active three-band EQ for tone shaping and it has a DI with ground lift. You can head over to Orange Amps for more information.

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