Schertler Jam Acoustic Amps

Schertler to introduce their full featured Jam series acoustic amps at the upcoming Summer NAMM.

Schertler Jam Amps

The new Jam series will start with three models that cover various amplification needs, Jam 100, Jam 150 and Jam 400.

These amps are designed to provide high levels of fidelity when it comes to reproducing acoustic guitar sounds. And it does reproduces acoustic sounds in elegant style, featuring a classic wood cabinet exterior that is easy on the eyes.

The smaller member of this new amp series is the Schertler Jam 100. The naming convention indicates that it has a 100-watt bi-amp that drives a 6″ woofer and 1″ dome tweeter. This amp is designed to be portable and yet have extensive features and enough power to handle small to medium sized venues. It has four channels, two channels that are specifically fine tuned for acoustic guitar pickups while the other two is meant for use with microphones. The amp allows for 1/4 inch, XLR and RCA inputs, and comes with a built-in digital reverb effect.

The Schertler Jam 150 is bigger, featuring a 150-watt bi-amp driving an 8″ woofer and 1″ dome tweeter. The onboard mixer on this cabinet allows for extended control over your sound, and allows for more inputs – ideal for multiple instrument/vocal amplification. The Jam 150 comes with six channels, with two dedicated mic inputs and another two for line in. Other features include a medium EQ band and inputs with phantom power. This amp offers improved reverb options, featuring four reverb channels with Alesis effects and it has an RCA record in/out connection.

The biggest of them all is the Schertler Jam 400. It has a 400-wat bi-amplifier with two 8″ woofers and a 1″ dome tweeter. This one does not hold back on control features, allowing for advanced parameter settings that include variable anti-feedback control, phantom power, switchable subwoofer output and it comes with eight digital effects from Alesis. Aside from being bigger and more powerful, this amp comes with nine channels, three for instruments, another three for mics and another three for line in. This amp is designed to handle acoustic and vocal ensembles, while retaining a relatively compact form factor.

The list price for the Jam 100 is $999.99, the Jam 150 is at $1,249.99, and finally the Jam 400 has a tag price of $1,749.99. More information about the new Jam acoustic guitar amps are available from Schertler. Attendees of the Summer NAMM show can try out the Jam series amps at the Eastman Guitars booth #1512.

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