Tanglewood TW130 – All Mahogany Acoustic

The Tanglewood TW130 guitar features an all mahogany wood construction, resulting in an earthy look and warm tone.

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The Tanglewood TW130 acoustic guitar along with two other all-mahogany guitar models is set to hit North America in September.

Guitars equipped with Mahogany tops tend to have a warmer and softer sound, due to the denser nature of mahogany wood. Traditionally, mahogany is used for the back and sides to mellow down the brightness produced by spruce. Since all-mahogany wood is used on the body of the TW130, it is expected to have a very soft but detailed tone.

The body of the TW130 features a solid mahogany top supported by a solid mahogany back and mahogany sides. This wood combination may not work well when playing in a band, but it is ideal for dynamic solo playing or for providing backing chords to a singer.

The all-mahogany body is shaped into traditional Orchestra shape and is stripped off of its embellishments. Its unbound body and no-frills aesthetics, highlights the earthy uniform look of the mahogany wood.

The neck of the TW130 is also made of one-piece mahogany. The only different type of wood used on this guitar is rosewood, which was used for the fretboard and the bridge. The neck scale length is at 26″ with the nut width measuring at 1 11/16″. Rounding off its feature are chrome vintage style tuners on a nice looking slotted headstock.

Joining the TW130 are two other all-mahogany models from the Tanglewood Premier series – the Tanglewood TW138 which features a slope shoulder dreadnought shape and the Tanglewood TW133, the parlor shaped model.

Here is a nice online demo of the TW130 in action:

These acoustic guitars are expected to retail for $469, quite reasonable and affordable for those that want to try their hand at mahogany topped guitars. You can visit Tanglewood Guitars for more details.

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