fender pedal steel

Posted by Barry Sain on Wed, 05/24/00 - 23:06:00.

Hi Brad,
I own a Fender 1000 pedal steel guitar. I need help finding the
proper "rodding" for this guitar. I have found numerous listings
for a 10 or 12 string. It is a double neck with 8 pedals, no knee
levers. Would the pedals be the same configuration on an eight string?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

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Fender Double Neck Pedal Steel

I am looking for some information on a steel I inherited from my late aunt. I have been on ebay and steels there are going for $1500 to $2000 and they are not even Fender products. I am wondering if you could direct me to a place where I can find the value of my steel?


Re: fender pedal steel

I have one of these can't see the point of having lower strings. Do you hear any lower strings on the radio? Anyhow, I have the pedals split 4 - 4, C6 on the back and E9 on front. A-C-E-G-A-C-E-G and E-F#-G#-B-E-G#-D#-F#. Hmmm. In this format, the copedents are a bit too difficult to describe. On the C6, it's like this. P1=C-C#, P2=A-A#,P3=E-Eb, P4=G-G#. That gives you a healthy mix of chord flavor to work with, what with double pedals and all.

Re: fender pedal steel

Hi Barry Sain:

In general, the only difference between 10 or 12 string tunings and the 8 string tunings required for your Fender 1000 are that you loose the lower strings.

Therefore, you don't have the low notes to create fuller chords and also for single note playing.

But, don't be discouraged. I've been playing a Fender 1000 since 1964 and I gotten used to the lack of the bottom two (2) strings (when compared to a 10 string model, such as the Fender 2000).

I use an E-9th and C-6 tuning on my guitar but I tune them slightly flatter so that less strings break.

If you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience.

Al Gershen
Grants Pass, OR

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