Kay logo for vintage tenor

Posted by Smokey Culver on Wed, 08/03/05 - 21:26:59.

I have a 50-something Kay tenor guitar. It is missing the chrome logo. Can anyone help me locate a replacement?


Smokey Culver
League City, Texas

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Re: Kay logo for vintage tenor

Hi there: I also have a Kay flattop tenor guitar, sort of a scaled-down K-22 jumbo with a 13-inch lower bout and tenor banjo neck. I assume it's the same as yours. Mine does have the metal Kay logo headstock plate, which is actually thin stamped aluminium and held on by three pins. This style of plate was used on a number of different budget Kay models, so one should be possible to find eventually. (NOTE: it's the plate with the K symbol in a black circle, not the similar one with the K symbol in a black triangle.) Do you happen to know the actual Kay model number for these tenors, and the years between which they were produced? I can't find any info on these anywhere online. They're clearly rarer than hens' teeth. My tenor was bought on eBay from Norfolk, England, and may be the only one in the UK for all I know. It still has the vendor's label on the back of the headstock: Carl's Guitar Studio, E Fulton St, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Incidentally it's exactly the same instrument as the Silvertone 661 shown in silvertoneworld.net, except that the 661 has a simple decal in place of the plate.

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