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Posted by Rev. Andrew Salinas on Mon, 11/29/04 - 00:12:17.
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I purchased a guitar. It is a Admira Menina in almost perfect shape. I wonder if you tell me something about it. None of the local shops seem to know anything about this particular guitar. It's a nice piece and it sounds great too. I hope to here from you soon.
Thank you - wanting to know more soon,

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Hi! Please let me know if anyone is planning to sell Admira Menina, Princesa or Estrella. Or if you can suggest me where I could find them
Thank you very much

Admira menina guitar

i have a admira menina classical guitar, in almost perfect is quite lightweight. construction. and it sounds.superb. what is your interest in this guitar.Regards Roy.

Lacks sustain?? isnt that

Lacks sustain?? isnt that what you want with a flamenco guitar! In england with think the classic guitar is what tthe flamenco players play, but from what I have read it's not, the clasical guitar has too much susstain for the fast playing methods of the Spanish style!

Reaction on the Admira Menina

The Admira Menina is a good "basic" guitar, from which you don't have to expect any troubles.
It's a plain and honest guitar with quite a good, steady sound.
I just purchesed one for €35,00, for I wanted to have a Classical Guitar in my collection, after giving away (how stupid could I have been) my Vicente Tatay.
Anyway......the Admira Menina is produced in Northern Spain from 1982 untill the late 1980's.
Its a full grown (4/4) adult guitar with a pretty thick neck.
I would't advise it for people with really small hands.
If you are looking for a classical guitar for practice and playing small sessions, this is the right instrument to have.
In other words...................The Menina is a steady guitar with a clear sound. What more can you need?

Re: Admira Menina

: I have a Admira menina,the guitar is mahogany neck back and sides and has a spruce top absolute quality fiddle back timber from a company that has stood the test of time.These timbers are still the prefered timbers. used today by leading guitar makers martin and maton. I have a original dobro and a US 57 strat reissue.I have had my menina for 35 years,purchaced in 1974-5,the guitar is loud full of sustain.I have installed a set of schaller machine heads,after 35years the old machine heads had died.I have been a guitar teacher for 15 years,I have not heard any better sounding nylon string guitar than my menina

Re: Admira Menina

It's a plank, basically. Average construction, fat neck. I have one which sounds completely dead, little sustain, veiled midrange, wooly bass, dull top. A plank. Nothing to get excited about at all.

Re: Admira Menina

Post a pic!

Re: Admira Menina

I have a menina guitar by admira. it sounds very good. but dont know how old it is.its in good condition. regards Roy.

Re: Admira Menina

: I also purchased an Admira Menina off of the internet. It is in the mail so I have not played it yet. My internet searches have come up with nothing on that model. The Admira web sit is under construction. Most of the sales of the Admira line on ebay are in Great Britian. I would love to know the history on this model so if anyone knows please post the info. Ultimately I just hope it play and sounds good, you never know over the net.

Thanks Steve

Re: Admira Menina

: How much did you pay for your Admira Menina. I have one here that was played in concert by someone named Kiko back in the 80's, and I'm about to list it for sale and have no idea how much to ask. Thanks.


Re: Admira Menina

I have an Admira Menina for twenty years and I thought that it was a really bad guitar. But I want to know the history of that guitar, in admira web site Menina does not exist because is too old. If someone can show me a photo of their admira guitar I will thank you a lot.

Re: Admira Menina

Menina guitar pic:

Re: Admira Menina

Hi there i have an admira guitar called menina. it sounds very good. if you would like a photo. let me know. regards Roy.

Re: Menina

Yours was the first that sounded anything like the guitar we bought.

Inside the guitar it says Menina, then BM is stacked underneath it.

We didn't pay much so I'm sure it's not anything valuable, we're just trying to figure out what it is.

Thanks for any input - S

Re: Menina


Just bought a second hand one on e-bay. Have tried the makers web site but can`t find this model. any info would be of interest.

Re: Menina

I'm from Portugal.

In the late seventies, in my teen years, I tried to learn how to play classical guitar in a Lisbon music school.

My parents bought me a guitar. It was an Admira Menina.

My skills being poor, I gave up learning. And the guitar was kept silent.

Now, my oldest son wants to learn too.

Yesterday, I took the old guitar to an instruments shop, in order to replace the stings. The man in the shop persuaded me to try to repai the comb and to give it a general revision. He told me it is a nice guitar and that a face lift should be money well spent.

Kind regards,


Re: Menina

I have admira menina, mine is a very old guitar. I don't recommend it. it is very difficult to play. there are some much better cheap guitars

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