Cameo Deluxe OLD teisco guitar??

Posted by Jeff on Thu, 02/21/02 - 07:24:20.
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Hello! I have a very old guitar in very good shape, its a Cameo Deluxe. it looks exactly like a Teisco guitar. down to the sunburst gothic style body, black pick guard with white flowering on the borders. it has one pick up, a volume knob and a tone knob. its in extreamly good condidion, and works very well. I actually play it... all the time. I was wondering if this is some sort of collectors item as Ive never seen another like it. any information at all would be helpfull. its very old as I said, 1960's most likely. Please email me if you have any information whatsoever on this guitar! thanks!

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Cameo Guitar

: Hello! I have a Cameo Guitar that was given to me as a Christmas gift. I really do not know much about it and I am seeking more info from anybody who would help me. The name of the guitar, Cameo, is on the headstock. It is 6 string electric f-top hollowbody with 2 pickups. Tone and Volume knobs have a "T" or a "V" respectivly on them. The pickguard is black. The color starts as a bright red and fades to black on the edge of the guitar. It is trimed in white all the way around. There is a whammy bar located to the end of the guitar. It has a short neck with a wide fretboard. Any info is greatly appreciated. Any buyers, email a price and we can negociate...

Re: Cameo Guitar

I've got a Cameo, too. Mine's a 4 string bass with a single soapbar pickup and a tobacco-burst finish. I've been told the guitar is late-60's, early 70's. I've pretty much got no other information regarding it.

Extremly valuable Teisco!!!

Hey everyone,
If you are interested in one of the most carefully designed guitars in the world then I have what your looking for. I own a 1964 or 1967 Teisco Del Ray Guitar. It's Model number is 90 folks. Yes 90, one of the very first made. The serial No. and Model No. are on the back behing the ajustable neck on a nickle plate. Guitar is in great condition. Still contains the slides, 2 mic switches and and Bigsby. Few Guitars of this type were made with Bigsbys. I have had 3 or 4 offers and am considering selling it so make me an offer. This great peice of History will not be mine for long! Talk to you soon.

Re: Extremly valuable Teisco!!!

It sounds to me that you have a national treasure! What is the the starting bid? I have a thought. Would you consider taking my 1964 Fender Stratocaster in trade for your wonderful Teisco Delray? I played Teisco Delray guitars as a kid and they were the best. Now that I play a Fender that has become a classic I wonder; what ever happened to that piece of crap Tiesco Delray that I played as a kid.

i have a teisco as well

hey sandy, i have a teisco, its sunburst finish with two pickups, very light weight, model is ep-8t, serial number is 258,744, i will trade it for your strat, how good is the strat, my teisco is in near perfect condition. thanks

I have three of them

: hey sandy, i have a teisco, its sunburst finish with two pickups, very light weight, is ep-8t, serial number is 258,744, i will trade it for your strat, how good is the strat, my teisco is in near perfect condition. thanks

Re: Cameo Deluxe OLD teisco guitar??

I don't know if this will help much.I have a Cameo Deluxe
bass that I purchased in St.Louis in 1982.It was used when
I bought it so I have no idea of it's age.It has two
pickups,volume,tone & an off,on,on switch.It is red with a
body & pickguard much like you described.It is 3/4 scale
and came with flat wound strings.The head stock is covered
with the same material as the pickguard.I have searched a
long time for information about these guitars and have had
no luck.I frequent pawn,music & repair shops and have yet to find anyone that has ever seen or heard of it.On the
neck plate it is stamped "Made In Japan".I still play this
guitar and enjoy it very much.Sorry this does'nt help.
Hope you have more luck than I have had.

Re: Cameo Deluxe OLD teisco guitar??

 Cameo Deluxe OLD teisco guitar??

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