EHX Turnip Greens Overdrive and Reverb Pedal

Electro-Harmonix introduces Turnip Greens, a multi-effect pedal that combines overdrive and reverb in one package.


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To create this stompbox, the company combined two of their popular pedals, the Soul Food Overdrive and Holy Grial Max Reverb. They also added routing features for more control over the pairing of the two effects.

The non-intrusive nature of reverb makes it a great pair for the sonic transformation that the overdrive brings, this is one of the reasons why Amplifier manufacturers have been combining overdrive with reverb for years. So it is only natural that pedal manufacturers will follow suit, the latest of which is Electro-Harmonix with the new Turnip Greens.

Sitting in the the overdrive section of Turnip Greens is the actual circuit of their Soul Food pedal. Out of their many dirt pedals, they chose this recently released overdrive because of its success in the market. To give you a short background, Soul Food is actually built by EHX to mimic the super-expensive Klon Centaur, of which they introduced some their own twists.

Carrying the features of a centaur was only half of the story, because Turnip Greens carries the company’s beefed up reverb effect. You can pick between classic reverb modes that include Spring, Spatial Hall, and Plate. Adventurous players will also appreciate the recently added Reverse reverb mode, which can be used to create unique ambient textures that are not available from regular reverb pedals.

For convenient tone customization, Electro-Harmonix equipped the Turnip Greens pedal with essential routing features. First of which is the effect order toggle switch, allowing you to pick which effect you want to go first in the signal chain be it the Holy Grail Max or Soul Food. An effects loop is also provided, allowing you to insert a pedal or an entire guitar rig in between the two effects.

Check out the video demo:

Another nifty feature of the pedal is the internal switch that lets you select between buffered bypass and true bypass for the Soul Food section. When disengage in true bypass mode, the input jack is connected directly to the amp jack and nothing else. In buffered bypass mode, the bypass signal passes through a buffer circuit before it is output from the Amp jack.

Like other EHX pedals, Turnip Greens is housed in a tank tough metal chassis. It comes with a 9.6 DC/200 AC Adaptor. Some online retailers are already selling this pedal for £199.00. For more information and other details, head over to EHX.

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