Line 6 POD HD Pro X

Line 6 introduces the POD HD Pro X rack-mountable amp & effects modeler, featuring upgraded DSP.


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This new upgraded version replaces the previous generation POD HD Pro, just like how the new POD HD500 X replaced the previous iteration.

Line 6’s HD modeling technology is now a few years old, but their products continue to be in demand thanks to their impressive audio quality and competitive pricing – lower than other high-end modeling effects manufacturers.

Unfortunately the sound quality comes with high DSP (Digital signal processing) requirements, more so than what the previous generation devices provide. This meant that although various types of amp and effects chaining are possible, users of the previous model were limited by the capabilities of the hardware.

Earlier this year, Line 6 has finally released an upgraded version of their flagship effects processor, the POD HD 500 X, featuring improved DSP that will let you create complex amp and effects signal paths. The POD HD Pro X comes with the same upgrade philosophy, bringing the rack-mountable version up to par with the floor-based model.


Max Gutnik, Line 6 VP of Products, said “POD HD Pro X makes the latest POD available in a rack-mountable form factor. With a world-class collection of amps and effects, plus more DSP power than ever, POD HD Pro X represents the ultimate creative studio tool for guitar players.”

The same collection of HD modeled amps are available, covering a wide range of sounds from classics to modern, and carrying with them the “touch nuance” sensitivity that helped made the HD line of effects popular. It also comes with the same 100 plus modeled studio and stompbox effects to play with, only this time you can add more effects than before, which opens up more tonal possibilities. The same flexibility is provided, you can decide where to place your amps and effect on your virtual signal chain.

Aside from the upgraded DSP, the POD HD Pro X boasts of a wide variety of analog and digital connections, making it an ideal studio interface for guitarists. You are not just limited to recording electric guitars, you can use it to capture vocals or acoustic instruments. A stereo FX loop is also provided for connecting your favorite stompboxes and outboard effects. Finally, a USB connection provides multi-channel, studio-quality recording with popular digital audio workstations, and it also lets you control and edit your virtual rig via your computer.

Pricing information is not yet available, but it may have the same price tag as the old model, which is around $499. More information is available at Line 6.

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