1970 Martin Vega Acoustic Guitar

Posted by Randy on Sat, 01/04/03 - 03:57:26.
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I was just wondering how much my guitar is worth.Date 1970 Martin Vega Flattop Guitar.

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vega international/martin

I don't think any Vega/Martin is worth "thousands". They are assembled using neck dowels; a very simple production technique with many failures. In any case, there was an American maker, Vega, and the MIA instruments were solid wood, and expensive. No dice on the "Vega Intl" or Martin-Vega. They are all laminate bodies, and are worth several hundred. I just bought a VDX-84 on ebay in decent shape for $49, including a chipboard case........


I also have a Vega VDX-84 serial # 10065 very close to Mark Naro's guitar # 10072 in the first post here, I can find very little info on these also.
One site I did find says the first one's during the Martin buyout were indeed made by Martin in the Martin Factory but I'd like to know if mine is one of those ?? Mine does not say Made In The Nederlands on the inside sticker, Any body out there know Vega's serial #s Please let us know

Re: 1970 Martin Vega Acoustic Guitar Model VDX-84

: I was just wondering how much my guitar is worth.Date 1970 Martin Vega Flattop Guitar.SN# 10072 Model VDX-84

Vega Acoustic Guitar

: I was just wondering how much my guitar is worth.
its a vega.... thats all i really no n acoustic

Re: Vega Acoustic Guitar

I've got a Martin Vega that's been sitting in storage for decades. I paid $60.00 for it from a friend who was down and out at the time. I never thought much of it until now.

Re: Vega Acoustic Guitar

i also have a 1970 vega martin. they seem to be so rare that i cant find much info on them. i do know that we have one of the first vega martins ever made. 70 was the first year and martin doesnt carry the vega name anymore. i only paid 500 for mine but i dont think they knew what they had. if im right the guitar is worth thousands.

Re: Vega Acoustic Guitar

I have a Vega as well, made sometime in the early 70s in Japan. It is simply an incredible guitar. I believe Martin bought Vega because its own domestic production was suffering from poor quality at the time and made a strategic decision to buy out another competitor then morph it into another budget line. The official reason for buying Vega I was told was that it wanted the Vega banjo line. If that was true they would have held on to it much longer.
A guitar like this should go for at least $2000 because of its quality craftsmanship, playability and exquisite sound.

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