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The Best Cheap Tube Amp Roundup

Cheap doesn't have to mean low quality - so here we take a look at the best cheap tube amps that deliver great guitar tones without going over budget.

The Top 10 Best Guitar Amps Under $500 - Tube & Solid State

Here we present you with our updated selection of the best guitar amps under $500, covering both tube and solid state combo amps.

The Best Practice Amp Guide

Practice is the key to unlocking your playing and musical potential, and there's no other way around it. Thankfully, practice does not have to be too hard, because with the right tools, you can have fun while taking your guitar playing to the next level. This is where we come in with our recommendations, to help you in finding the right guitar amplifier that will inspire you to play better.

Best Modeling Amp on a Budget

Thanks to modeling amplifiers, we can enjoy the flexibility of having multiple amps and effects without emptying our wallets.

Line 6 Spider V Series Amplifiers

Line 6 finally unveils the new Spider V series, the latest iteration of their popular entry level amplifier line, with upgraded amp and effects modeling and other extra features.

Supro 1610RT Comet All-Tube Combo Amplifier

The Supro 1610RT Comet is now available, a 1x10 all-tube combo amplifier with power attenuation, tremolo and reverb.

AER Compact TE - Tommy Emmanuel Signature Amp

AER formalizes their relationship with Tommy Emmanuel by unveiling the new AER Compact TE signature amp.

Boss Katana Amplifiers

Boss has a new line of combo and head amplifiers called Katana, multi-channel solid-state amplifiers with built-in effects.

The Best Cheap Guitar Amps Under $200

Entry-level guitar amplifiers have come a long way, thanks to tough competition. Manufacturers are always on their toes to get the upper hand, packing as many quality features as they can, inside compact combo amplifier packages. And since quality is at an all time high, this is a great time to be on the lookout for cheap amplifiers.

Orange Crush Bass Series - Redesigned for 2016

Orange updates their the entry-level bass combo amplifier line with the redesigned Orange Crush Bass Series.

Best Guitar Headphone Amp Roundup

Headphone amps provide the most convenient way to make your practice more productive and less disruptive. And since practice is pivotal in developing your guitar skills, you ought to get a really good guitar headphone amp.

Schertler Unico Acoustic Amplifier

Schertler Amps introduce Unico, a 5-channel 250W amplifier designed to handle multiple acoustic instruments.

The Top 10 Best Guitar Amps

If you're looking to get a guitar amp, then you're in luck because after much research, we have updated our Top 10 Guitar Amps list for 2016.

Fender The Edge Deluxe Combo Amplifier

Fender introduces The Edge Deluxe, a 12W dual-channel 1x12 combo all-tube amplifier co-designed by U2's guitarist.

Dr. Z DB4 Amplifier - Co-Designed by Brad Paisley

Dr. Z Amplification and Brad Paisley introduces the DB4 all-tube amplifier, featuring a 5879 pentode preamp tube.

Vox Analog Valve Series

Vox unveil the new Analog Valve line of amplifiers, a multi-voiced tube amp with eight different analog preamp circuits.

Peavey Headliner 1000 Bass Amplifier Head

Peavey announces the availability of their new Headliner 1000 Bass Amplifier Head, a lightweight 1000-watt rack-mountable bass amp.

Taurus Stomp-Head 5.CE

Taurus Amplification unveils the Stomp-Head 5.CE (Custom Edition), a three channel amplifier packed in a floor pedal.

The Best Bass Amps

We present you with the best bass amplifiers that are currently available in the market, conveniently categorized into price brackets so you can easily see the amps that fit your budget.

Orange 10th Anniversary Tiny Terror Half Stack

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Tiny Terror, Orange Amps introduce commemorative Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary half stacks..

Fender Bassbreaker Amps for Guitar

Fender expand their electric guitar amplifier offering with the new British voiced all-tube BassBreaker series.

Randall KH103 - Kirk Hammett Signature Amplifier

Randall Amplifiers introduce the KH103, Kirk Hammett's all-tube, 3 channel, 120 Watt signature amplifier head.

Peavey MiniMega Bass Amplifier Head

Peavey releases the MiniMega, a lightweight and portable 1000 Watt bass amplifier head that weighs in at just 9 lbs.

Best Portable Bass Amp

Carry convincing and inspiring bass tones with you wherever you go, see our list of highly recommended portable bass amps.

Best Acoustic Guitar Amp

We have taken a good look at the best acoustic amps, amplfiers with "wooden hearts" that faithfully reproduce minute details of your acoustic guitar sound and playing.

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