Info on a late 70s Fender F55-12

Posted by Lance on Sun, 01/04/04 - 17:07:02.

hi...My Momma bought this for me for my 16th or 17th birthday..brand new. I have tried to find some info about it, like place of manufacter (it has the cut out 'V' at the tip of the headstock, which means, I am told, it is a Japanese model). Itried to date it with the seial number, but no luck (Ithink it's a 79). Does anyone know where I can find some info on it? I believe it is a 79, or even an 80. That time of my life is a bit blurry. Any help would be appreciated. I sanded the saddle down a bit in the early 80s and learned to play it like a banjo...and it STILL is my favorite guitar in my collection.

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Re: Info on a late 70s Fender F55-12

I have a Fender F55-12 that my dad passed down to me. It's still nearly brand new, except for a Fishman we added some years back.

Unfortunately there are no new good Fender acoustics anymore, so the old Japanese and American guitars seem to get a bit of attention these days.

Mine is a '77 model. You probably know this already, but if it helps, it is usually the first two numbers of the serial number that are the year the guitar was made, except for a few weird ones.

Easily the nicest guitar I have, and ever will have, even after all these years.

Fender f 55 12

I also have a Fender f55 12 1975 on the inside label. it has no serial number. Where was they built in 75. I have read that the early ones was supreme and built in Japan. This sounds amazing no electric's fitted , its as naked as the day it was made. I have strung it with lights and its tuned down a couple frets. Not a lot of strain showing on the top but I have owned it from new. Guitars are like babies they need love and care, Right temp and humid they pay you back. Guitar Site Aladdin's cave nice place to be . Thanks

Re: Info on a late 70s Fender F55-12

Hi, just too let you know, i bought mine, brand new in 1976, in Ottawa, US models

Re: Info on a late 70s Fender F55-12

The Fender F55-12 was produces in Asia from 1972-1980 and had a MSRP at that time of $270.00. It sold for about 3/4 of the MSRP price. It has a spruce top and Bubinga back and sides.

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