m suzuki fw 518 guitar

Posted by dan on Wed, 12/24/03 - 07:08:06.

hi all ! i see you mention "kiso" suzuki guitars but mine says "m suzuki fw-518". it's also japanese,from early eighties(maybe slightly older but not much). it has a solid top and it's a blatant ripoff of a martin d18. anyone knows any tech-spec or history of this model ?

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Re: m suzuki fw 518 guitar

: hi all ! i have a m. suzuki fw511s which is a copy of the Gibson Hummingbird.
Bought it in 1980 or so in the Netherlands. Nice red sunburst and blockmarkers. It's a nice guitar. good action. Seems like solid spruce top. Very full sounding tone.
The rosewood fingerboard is starting to wear out (but what the heck it's an old guitar, costing about 250 dollars back then).

Re: M Suzuki FW 518M guitar

I own an almost mint M Suzuki FW518M. I bought this guitar in Auckland New Zealand from the then agent Musicways Ltd around 1976. It is the only one in the country to my knowledge as it was imported as a sample but did not sell. As I was sharing premises with Ricki Madonnell at that time I bought it at cost.In spite its vintage it is almost unmarked and has an unbelievably good action. The strings sit so close to the fret board you can hardly feel them go down yet there is no fret rattle whatever. I have no information as to its origin and would like to know some more about it. How rare are they? Does it have any real value are there many in captivity etc?

Manyi Suzuki

I've just made an error, it's a FW516, not 510. If I understand, that guitar is rare....

Re: M Suzuki FW 518M guitar

I was offered an fw 510 M-Suzuki.
I asked the same question about age origin and rarity.
As your number is 518 it comes to my mind that the numbers could sequential i.e. Each number stands for one individual guitar. >>> Conclusion: Rare!


According the last owner, it's a guitar from 1977. I can't find any informations about MANYI Suzuki!
It's like a Martin D35.
If someone has an idea?

Suzuki fw 510

Possiedo anch'io la fw 510 della suzuki, acquistata a Genova proprio nel1980, pagata mi sembra 180 000lire. E' molto rara e credo valga parecchio, ma io non la venderei mai! Ciao!

M. Suzuki FW 510....was FW518

So if i'm not wrong, i have a M.Suzuki FW-510 it's reare or not?

My mother bought that guitar in Italy (i'm Italian), in 1980 more or less......it's a wonderfull guitar!!!
Just yesterday playing...i thought...i never seen a guitar like that...let me check on internet for more info.....And i found that tread.....
Conclusion is it rare or not? More or less can hava a real value...more or less?

Many thanks to everyone will reply!
See ya!

Re: m suzuki fw 518 guitar

I have just bought an M. Suzuki Model No. FW 516 and the label also says From Hamamatsu Japan. I could find nothing about this guitar but I couldn't resist buying it. There are no faults in Workmanship and the woods appear solid to me. Looks like spruce top, mahogany neck, rosewood back and sides, rosewood fingerboard. The back is 3-piece with alternating dark and light wood mosaic inlay strips separating. Hexagonal abalone inlays on fretboard at3,5,7,9,12,15 positions. Fretboard bound with ivory coloured plastic. Abalone inlays around soundhole and soundboard. Action is perfect, thin neck. Can't really comment on the sound as I don't play steelstrings normally and not familiar with the sounds of Martins but it sounds fine to me. Bright, clear and open. Definitely not boomy. From previous posts these are cheap guitars but as I say I couldn't resist this one. Any more information anyone?

Re: m suzuki fw 518 guitar

me too, i've bought me one,a G250, in a shop in bahrain, about 200 usd, never heard before of m.suzuki, and still can't find anything about it.
anyway i took the guitar in my airconditioned apartment, and one by one the strings where breaking.
now it,s one month later, whith a set of new strings, it gives an amazingly, warm full sound.
the only thing i have to find out if there is a truss rod inside, btw its an acoustic classical guitar, 3/4.

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