Kent studio series

Posted by Dan on Sun, 07/31/05 - 22:46:36.

I have a Kent limited edition (or so the seller said) studio series electric guitar in perfect like new shape, im a drummer and have no idea when it comes to guitars an was wondering if anyone knows anything about it.

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Kent Strat

I bought a Kent at a local pawn shop for 35 bucks I bought it because someone had put some mini Grovers on it I wanted them for a Stratobastard I built. At any rate once home I plugged it in and Wow was blown away at the sound The tone at the neck position with just a tad Reverb and it sounded like Stevie's #1 I know folks say this but it was shocking I took the guard off and found the pups looked like double stacks but arnt It has 500k pots I cant read the cap This looked like a total revamp of the pups and pots The pups are taller and larger than any I have as Inwas gonna after deciding to keep it whole the guard is cracked so I was gonna just install the guts on it The Pups are a tad wider The wires exit through the bottom plate I plan on looking closer. The big kicker I was looking at the back and noticed little dents all over it upon holding it at the right angle I found it was writing It was a love letter by some guy named Mark and the Date March 20th 1969 That to me just made this thing very special Does anyone know about the tall wide pickups I'm speaking of I Ohmed them and all are in the 7ohm range Anyone know of Kent making a guitar with this kinda set up It is far from trash BTW and I'd put it up against any MIM even older MIJ hell My friend has a US player Strat and he says other than the neck being the old 7.5 type. It's on par with his sound wise Plus the added coolness of having real road wear buckle rash It dont just look like it's been there it has

kent studio series

i had a kent studio series that i acquired in 2002 held on to it for about ten years until it was stolen. But i loved it. It is a reliable guitar regardless of what material it is made out of it plays great and had one of the best guitar necks i have ever had the pleasure of sliding my hand up and down, altogether a real smooth play. I put some work into it though. Bought $450 lindy fraylin pick ups in it. Gave it a great blues sound. If anyone knows where i can buy one let me know i would love to get that guitar again to me it was priceless. my first guitar.

Re: Kent studio series

>> i'm sure its a high quality guitar, since its heavy and that tells a lot

It tells you it's made of plywood which is the opposite of a high quality guitar. Sorry for the bad news, but you can remove the pickguard and look into the pickup and control cavities to confirm. It's not a terrible guitar, in fact it's a copy of a 50's Fender Stratocaster which is just about the most desirable guitar on the planet. By all means play it and enjoy it. But do not hold the false belief that it is valuable, collectible or will appreciate in value over time. It's a player.

Re: Kent studio series

: I have a Kent limited edition (or so the seller said) studio series electric guitar in perfect like new shape, im a drummer and have no idea when it comes to guitars an was wondering if anyone knows anything about it.

Its a piece of serious s**t! I have one too, its a copy of a 1950's fender strat. Its heavy, the hardwares shitty, and the contour is not suitable.If you are trying to learn to play, then by all means use what ever you have. I just wouldn't plan on selling this guitar for a whole lot of money.

Re: Kent studio series

: I have the same exact guitar as u dan but mine is sunburst, but the same as the rest everything is perfect sounds awesome, origional pickups and wiring, origional ground wire and springs, but i think the pick guard might be new i dont know, its white so r the knobs?

Re: Kent studio series

I found a kent studio series on craigslist, and got it for $60. My dad just started to collect kent guitars, he collects kent drums, and i couldnt find anything on the guitar at all. i wanna know how much its worth and everything. its really awesome ill put some pics up soon.

Re: Kent studio series



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