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: I have 1 of these. they are just like an Alver. mine has b130 on the sticker and 5364 stamped on the end of the neck near the Stradivarius label. I suspect it was made in 1964. I've searched for more info but can't dig up anything that throws light on the Stradivarius tag. If you have heard of anything more I'd be interessted to hear about it.
: i am after any available info on a maton accoustic. its has f holes,the sticker that was on the head i think read stratavarious, the bridge is sought of like a banjos(like a floating bridge)and the sticker inside simply reads"maton guitars manufactured in australia"with the numbers b113 hand-written on the sticker.the print design of the sticker i am guessing to be from the 1950's or maybe early 1960' is in excellent original condition.any info as to its vintage,what type or style of guitar it may be,what strings might best suit it(there is no rod in the neck)and what its guesstimated value might be, would be greatley appreciated

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Maton Stradivarius

Info from the Maton Museum

Product Specifications of 457

Model Code: 457

Model Name: Stradivarius 2C

Category: Acoustic

Body Shape: Jazz Cutaway

Body Top: Archtop

Body Type: Hollowbody

Finish: Cherry Gloss

Headstock Veneer: No

Year Intro: 1962

Year of Discontinuation: 1966

Number Made: 980

Description: Similar to Alver 2C - different finish

Note: C denotes Cutaway


Hi, I have the exact same guitar and I know nothing about it, I would love to know more info on it if you find any. Just email me :) thanks

Vintage Maton Electric Model B.S.66

Hi There,

I have a vintage mid 60s Maton Electric and mine is the only one Ive ever seen. It is a hollow body double cutaway and if i look through the F hole I can see the model number on the Maton manufacturers label which says it is a B.S.66 and the serial number is 193. It is in very good playing condition as I've recently had some work done on it. It is marked and the finish is crazed. It does not have the trem arm and Ive had the machine heads replaced as the originals had basically disintegrated. Im looking to find our more....what it might be worth etc...


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