kiso suzuki w200 12 string guitar

Posted by Javier on Wed, 04/28/04 - 08:47:03.

Hello, i own an old 12 string suzuki kiso guitar that was used by my father and later passed to my hands.he told me the guitar was bought in 1973, but he can't remember anymore about that guitar.I'd like to know as much as possible about this guitar because i've never heard about the w200 12 string model around internet.
Thank you for your help

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Re: kiso suzuki w200 12 string guitar

(Originally posted on 17:25:19 8/16/07)

I have one too. Bought for $40.00 + tax at a pawn shop. I coudl not resist after I played it. for an old acoustic and a 12-string at that.. it played and sounded beautiful! I didnt care how it looked but its not ugly. stays in tune, has a great way to adjust the intonation, especially for an acoustic and is EASY to play. i have recorded a lot with it.

I judge a gtr by the way it sounds and plays. if have to pay 4 grand for one, well (i wont have that much money for one probably) I would if i could IF it matched my ears and fit my body like a glove. but otherwise, ill go with what sounds and plays well. THATS an intrument. i care not who laughs at me and beleive you should see what I have been laughed at for loving as instruments. lol. theyre just missin out.

Re: kiso suzuki w200 12 string guitar


i have just bought what I think is possibly tha same guitar as yourself from a second hand shop in Leeds England, a suzuki 12 string in what I think you call a sunburst colour. I was just wondering if you managed to find out any information about the guitar??

If you have, please e-mail



Takeharu WK150

Does any one know how to date my WK150 Takeharu, I have just bought this guitar, after giving it a total set up, I am delighted with it, never known much about them before, I realise the company existed between 1972-79 least I think, if any one knows how I can date it from the serial number that would e great
Tim UK

Re: kiso suzuki w200 12 string guitar

: Hi,

I haven't found information about this guitar, but I'm going to make some photographs and I'll send them to you to see if it's the same guitar model (colour can be different...).
My guitar was bought in Valladolid (Spain) in 1973, that's all I know for the moment.
I hope to find some useful information that can share with you.
Thank you for your post.

Re: kiso suzuki w200 12 string guitar

I've got a W200 12-string too but it is a "Pro Martin", not a suzuki. It says "made in japan" so they could be the same guitar but badged differently?

Re: kiso suzuki w200 12 string guitar

Hi Mark, it could be the same guitar construction,but I'm not sure..
I'll search for information about "pro martin" too, and if i find something, i'll tell you all the information that i can find about this guitars.
Thank you for your post

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