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This popular thread has been given its own page : FAMOUS LATE STARTERS!

Martin 0018 Acoustic Guitar

I'm looking for an appraisal for a Martin 0018 Flattop 6-string Acoustic Guitar. It was a gift of the Everly Brothers to my Father in the late 1950's I believe. If you have any input on this please let me know.



my guitar

i have a 1964 harmony stratotone. The guitar humms when turned on,but stops when i touch a pickup. Is this a grounding problem or something else? any info appreciated. Thanks, B#4

french pollishing a guitar?

I baught an Ibanez SZ320MH with a veiw to upgrading the things they miss out on lower priced guitars guitars like the pickups and the finish. the guitar is pretty much bare wood finnish.
Can any one see any reason as to why I shouldnt french pollish it with shellac as I know french pollishing?

Re: french pollishing a guitar?

No reason not to...It is an Ibanez after all. You'll have to make sure that you completely remove the existing finnish first - as shellac or laquer doesn't play well with todays poly finnishes. It may look like bare wood, but Ibanez has most certainly treated it with something (satin polyester?). It will be a lot of work but could actually enhance the tone by getting rid of the sound robbing plastic finnish. It's your guitar - have fun with it...

Re: french pollishing a guitar?

If you play out at all be very careful with alcoholic beverages as it will wreak havoc with a French Pollish finish.

recording a valve amp with no recording output

Apart from shelling out £££££ on expensive mics is there a signal transformer that will convert the cabinet output on my amp head into a low power recording signal??
From an amature home studio point of veiw there is something quite reasuring about having your amp plugged straight into the 12-track when recording

Re: recording a valve amp with no recording output

Hi Jay, i saw your earlier post on the forum, about the Ashdown fallen angel 60 watt combo, this is a very good question, i dont know of anything that will substantialy reduce the output signal to line out level. I was thinking maybe you could use the effects return signal on that amp, but i think it would be a dry signal from the guitar before its pre-amp stage, and you would still have to play the aamp at normal volume, i would look closely into this before attempting any DIY solutions because as im sure you are aware you can cause a lot of harm to your amp if you dont attached a speaker/s to your amp of the correct impedence whilst it is switched on. with a valve amp you could kiss goodbye to your output transformer, which would be a costly item to replace. The only solution i can think of is use a power brake / hotplate attenuator and mike it up. or maybe buy an amp with DI output.
Good luck.

Re: recording a valve amp with no recording output

Thanks for the help. I had alook at the Power Brake and Hotplate. I also discovered some products made by Palmer they call DI boxes they have one called the The Junction which gives you a DI-out but you still have to have the speakers running through it otherwise you damage the amp, I was after something that cut out the speakers, but if I put a Power Brake/Hotplate between it and the speakers this should do the job.

Help me with guitar identifying

Hello, please help me to identify my guitar. It is Les Paul guitar. It was made in Japan and it looks old.
S/N: 029053. The brand name is almoast unreadable. There are two DIMARZIO humbuckers.
I have got photos? which i can send.


Hi i recently bought this guitar at a auction, and was wondering if you know any thing about it? Can notfind any #s any where, it is a archtop with Kalamazoo on the head stock. Thanks


Hmmm....My '77 Paul was made in Kalamazoo. A superb insrument!The Kalamazoo reputaion probably speaks well for the guitar.


: Hmmm....My '77 Paul was made in Kalamazoo. A superb insrument!The Kalamazoo reputaion probably speaks well for the guitar.

either it was a spinoff of Gibson, not unlike Epiphone, or it was a group of luthiers that started their own business. either way, they were a decent instrument for a very low cost. maybe someone can dig up a bit of history on these.

Anyone Got Any Good Korg AX1500G For Any Style Of Music

Anyone Got Any Good Korg AX1500G For Any Style Of Music

This popular thread has been given its own page : Anyone Got Any Good Korg AX1500G For Any Style Of Music

Array Array

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Green Day

How can I get a good Green Day amp setting out of a Marshall AVT 150H

Looking for a Yamaha FG300 to buy

I am looking to buy an acoustic Yamaha FG300 (red label) from the late 60 's to mid 70's with the flower pickguard in good condition. Please e-mail me if you have one for sale or know of anyone selling one. Thanks.

westone dimension guitar

I just picked up a Westone dimension IV electric guitar and I was wondering if it has any value at all.
Its in real good condtion. Neck action is very low. Can't really say how well it plays because I havn't touched a guitar in twenty five years. pickups and eletronics work fine. Whammy bar is missing so I can't check that.
Any comments would be appreciated.


peavey 5150-2 amp head

looking for input on this head someone wants to sell me on eof these for $550 it is 3 years old pretty nice shape weighs a ton

Carlo Robelli D20 Guitar

Carlo Robelli D20 Guitar

This popular thread has been given its own page : Carlo Robelli D20 Guitar

Guitar flamenco goya FL 7

I have a Goya FL 7 guitar hat I bought in 1974, in Canada. I am wondering if anyone would know how much this guitar might worth today (mint condition).

I can also provide the serial number.

Jean B.

All Guitar Forum

check above link for all guitar forum

Ever heard of a Toledo Delux Electric Guitar

I have an old Toledo Delux that's been passed around through my family for the last 20 or so years. It's a sweet little guitar with a great sound, but i can't find much about them. I've heard it was made by Aria (in Japan) in the late 60's. Aria didn't use SN# until the mid 70's so I'm at a dead end. If anyone has a Toldeo or knows anything about them let me know.

I used to have one 30 years

I used to have one 30 years ago, not sure what happened to it. You know more about them than I do. It played great.


My guitar is MN 389045 serial number is there a possible way to seee a picture and the going price

Keith Urban's Tele Pick-Ups

Does anyone know what kind of pick-ups he has in his '96 Customn Shop?? Thanks...

Buying an electric

Allo... New here.

I'm looking to buy an electric guitar, I'm an ultra newb with playing, only really gotten into it on a mates $45 classical guitar he sold me 12 months ago.

I've subseqently realised a classical does NOT play the kind of music I'm after, and that an electric is more the way to go.

With a VERY tight pocket, I want something that'll keep me entertained by sounding alright, nothing for stage, just personal use, and doesn't look to screwed up either. Dunno whether I want single coils, humbucklers... I want 6 strings....

Ideas on what to avoid at all costs / cheap recomendations? I don't know much about guitars, and can only just play, but am progressing pretty quick.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Buying an electric

Have you looked at the epiphone range? they are very good for the money, and when you want to sell up and move on or upgrade they are easy to sell on.
before you buy take a look at harmony central web site, they have some good reveiws on guitars on their, avoid colombus, hondo and hondo ll, fender chinese squiers arent that good quality wise, also the indian ones are poor, generaly speaking the entire epiphone range is of good quality, Yamaha pacifica's are good, as are tokai, before you buy post your selection on here and see what replies you get.

down load hindi pop music vedio for free

i want to listen hindi pop song

Gibson SG

Gibson SG

This popular thread has been given its own page : Gibson SG

Epiphone FT-335 - any more info?

Hi I recently bought a used Epiphone made-in-Japan FT-335 Troubadour serial 955816. Does anyone know when these were manufactured? Any other info such as is the wood solid or laminated?


Acoustic guitar M.Suzuki FW-514

Hi. I have this guitar but I couldn't find any information about her. I'm looking for the kind of materials and estimated actual prize. All the help will be thankful. Cheers, Antonio.

Re: Acoustic guitar M.Suzuki FW-514

Nobody knows about that?

Morris Guitar

Sometime between 1980and 1981 my son was given a Morris Guitar by one of the owners of Martin guitar in Nazareth, PA It's an accostical 6 string. Carmel color front and rose wood back. If anyone can give me any info on this I would appreciate it.

Re: Morris Guitar

: Sometime between 1980and 1981 my son was given a Morris Guitar by one of the owners of Martin guitar in Nazareth, PA It's an accostical 6 string. Carmel color front and rose wood back. If anyone can give me any info on this I would appreciate it.

Hi Lia,

I have a 1982 Morris acoustic guitar catalog and pricelist posted on my website You might find the information useful. SB

voodoo valve vs. voodoo valve ONLINE. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

what is the difference here? cant you upgrade patches with just the voodoo valve unit?

amp settings

i have a lil peavey rage and im wondering some good settings to play some good sounding tool, and settings for good sounding metallica... it just have pre/post gain and low/med/high EQ.

searching for 350 -400 mini guitars

I a a party planner looking for 350-400 mini guitars for under $10.

Re: searching for 350 -400 mini guitars

why bother with mini ones? you can get hondo ll and colombus guitars for a lot less than $10 each, and you will be doing the world a great favour by taking them 'out of service' , just think people, a world of ebay with no 'Hondo 2, NO RESERVE !! starting bid $1 ' headers. Maybe i could start a society, the CHDS (Colombus and Hondo Destruction Society) and we could buy them all up and have a Grand Bashup Day where we all gather with our years worth of bought up guitars and see who can come up with the most unique way of disposing of them, hendrix lighter fluid, attach them to rocket fuel cells and lauch them into stationary orbit, we could get a very strong man to stand behind a bush and throw them into the air whilst our members shoot them down with pump action shot guns, fire throwers and sam missiles. ummm i think i need to go and lie down...

Where to get Mastertone pickups?

Seeing as how the company is dead, is there any way to still get their pickups?

Re: Where to get Mastertone pickups?

try this list of links, there are some custom pickup makers who can make them to order.

Hellllllp!!!! Piano on a guitar?

A little while back i was in a store and i saw a used guitar with a big bulky thing on the bridge. When i asked the salesman what it was, he said it was something that let you push buttons to hit the strings with little hammers to make noise, like a piano works. Does anybody know what these are called, or who makes them?

Tube Screamer

I know that tube screamers work best with a tube amp, but can you get the same sound using an effects processor to simulate a tube amp

Re: Tube Screamer

first of all tube screamed might as well be call pee screamers because they...

need to find a pedal for specific need

I need to find out if there is a pedal available that will allow me to change from Channel 1 to Channel 2 on my amp and kick in a boost pedal at the same time. Please help. Can't sleep and trying to find a solution before I throw big jack at the amp of my dreams

Re: need to find a pedal for specific need

i think you need a Boss LS-2 use it as an A-B box, you have your guitar going in and 2 leads coming out one going to each of the different channel inputs on your amp. there are lots of ways to do it, i think each output on the pedal also has its own level so you can boost the signal too. check it out on the boss website.

Korg Triton pro

I have a Korg Triton Pro. Some of the files have been overwritten. Does anyone know how I can restore it to factory settings?

Re: Korg Triton pro

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