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Lyle p14 12 string

I have a couple Lyle 12 strings w470 and a w440 I think.
Like so many of you others I can't find info on it.
A p14?What the heck is it? Looks like Indian rosewood back and sides, don't know if it is spruce or cedar top.

I guess it is like my Sakura 12 string.
Nobody knows anything about them either!

Lyle L - 30 with Grover Locking Tuners.

Hello all!

Have a mystery for you all. Recently I was gifted a guitar from a friend of the family who felt sorry for me that I lost my Taylor Acoustic Electric due to theft.

This guitar plays better than my Taylor, no lie. The sound is rich, deep lows, balanced middle with crisp highs. Action is gorgeous. Headstock looks like a Martin and has genuine 1965 Grover locking tuning pegs.

However, I have Googled for months to find any mention of such a guitar. Guitar is in MINT condition with only one or two slight scuff scratches that could easily be buffed out by a professional luthier. SO, what is this guitar I have? Any clues?

I would love to know if you know anything.

Lyle Guitars C-640 and C-660

I have read many of the comments on this site but nothing was mentioned of the Lyle C-640 and C-660. They are both classical guitars which I purchased at an auction years ago.

Lyle guitar

I have a Lyle guitar mod 712 serial 204. It is in excellent condition but has a little wear near strings where pick has worn the finish. Anyone know it's value. Bought it at an estate sale on last day very reasonable cost

Lyle Acoustic Guitar Model 690

I have a Lyle Acoustic Guitar Model 690 purchased about 1966 or 67. It appears to be in near brand new condition as I've rarely played it and it has been stored in a felt lined case its entire life. All the keys still turn, it has steel strings. I'm ready to part with it and want to ask a fair price and not get soaked. Does anyone have any idea what this beautiful instrument is worth?

Lyle guitar

I have a Lyle Dove acoustic guitar that I'd like to get rid of. It's in great shape early 1970s. Straight neck and super low action. Hit me up if you're interested. W-415 model

Lyle 12 string guitar

I have a Lyle 12 string guitar model number W-440 made in Korea this guitar has the Gibson insignia at the top of the neck, I would like to know what year it was made and its value

Lyle EB-3 Bass Red Vintage

I have a Lyle EB-3 Copycat four string electric Bass For Sale.
I bought it brand new from the Gibson Guitar Dealer in San Clemente California in 1972.
It still plays well and have always kept it in it's original case purchased from that dealer.
Can somebody make me an offer I cannot refuse. In 1990 I wired it for Stereo recording work by splitting the pickups but can be restored to original wiring. Love the neck and the ease of playing this Gem.

Lyle Acoustic Guitar

I have a Lyle Acoustic Guitar that I bought 47 years ago - it's a Model # G2110. I haven't seen that model # anywhere in this blog so I was wondering if anyone ever hear of it? It's in great shape - straight neck, good tuning and fretboard - Never been abused - cased most of the time.

LYLE W455 ?


Lyle 455

Im in the same boat. Have you found any info out on it?

Serial number?

I have a vintage Lyle electric gitar. Where is the serial number? I see 2151780 on a silver plate on the back....inside there is a paper label but no serial number written on it. Can you help?

Lyle F-540.

Have been searching for a Lyle F-540 for a while now. It seems I've missed a couple that were sold some time ago. Does anyone know of one that may be available? I'd really like to find one. I already have a C-600. Thanks. Mike

Ltle F-540

I have a Lyle F-540, I bought it in Albuquerque ,NM in 1970. I don't remember what I paid for it. If you are interested, contact me.oq6en

Lyle F-520

I know this was posted a few months ago but if the Lyle F-540 is still available, I'm interested in purchasing it. Please contact me. Thank you.

Lyle F-540

I know this was posted a few months ago but if the Lyle F-540 is still available, I'm interested in purchasing it. Please contact me. Thank you.

Lyle Acoustic guitar

I just purchased a Lyle acoustic guitar in excellent condition. It's Serial # 204 and Model # 712. The top of the guitar says Lyle with a gold cross-like design up by the tuning keys. It looks like it was painted on the wood by the manufacture. The top tuning key head and neck are the color of milk chocolate with pearl-type fret inlays. The body of the guitar is a light tangerine color showing the natural wood grain under the clear lacquer finish. It has a dark chocolate bridge, and a black pick guard with a white pearl engraved inlay of a floral sprig or vine-type design. There is a set of three circles around the center opening (1 thin black line, a wide band of black and white lines and another thin black line. It has light tangerine and milk to dark chocolate stripped sides and back which is the natural wood grain showing through the clear lacquer finish. JAPAN is engraved on the back of the tuning key head in back.

Can anyone tell me the purchase year this guitar was made? Does anyone know the value of this guitar? Please reply. Thank you.


Was wondering if you have found any info. about your Lyle . I happend to have model 711 ser.196. And have run into a the same problem. No info.

lyle guitar

I got this lyle acoustic (w-400) for $40 at a yard sale - it is THE MOST INCREDIBLE GUITAR you could ever ask for - looks just like a martin d-18 - solid spruce top - sweet figured mahog b&s's - back of headstock even has the valute like a martin - just kicks my buddies real d-18 to pieces - he's so jealous - if you get the chance to own one don't pass it up - it will probably be too cheap to pass up and you WILL regret it later (like I have been kicking my own ass for decades for passing up a 60's Gibson byrdland for $400)

My grandfather was Lyle. I

My grandfather was Lyle. I wish I had one of his instruments. Sounds like the quality of them were not spectacular. Still be fun to have one tho.

lyle model A690

I purchased a Lyle model A690 recently from an old man in northern California who had gone blind and developed arthritis and didn't feel like playing anymore. He mentioned in passing that he had found (?) The guitar somewhere. The case was thickly covered in dust and pretty much rusted toast, but the guitar is immaculate, looks brand-new with the exception of the tuners, rusted tight. The serial is #480 so I guess its fairly old, but how old is my question? A weird aside; in the case was a handful of fender-style medium tortoise-shell picks monogrammed Eddie Kramer. Does that ring a bell for anyone? Any and all information would be appreciated! Thanks!


I just bought a Lyle w-460 Hummingbird "lawsuit" guitar and i just have 3 words for all y'all I'M IN LOVE!!!! OMG -this guitar nails the "Gibson Tone"
just nails it! Certain Gibson guitars have a "plaintive voice" and a "soul" that i have never heard from any other guitar and i have played 5 thousand
dollar Taylor guitars and all types of Martins and Japanese "copy" guitars-but this Lyle is "the one" it has that beautiful soulful "voice" -mine has a few scratches in the top and a very slight "bellying" by the bridge,but it is a beautiful guitar and it sounds like God opened a window in the sky and poured
down a blessing on you when you play it-i think your A690 Lyle was made a little earlier than my W-460,i'm guessing around the late sixties-you have found a really cool guitar and with a visit to a guitar shop for a cleaning and new strings,i think you will be amazed by your Lyle A690!

Lyle 12 string.

I have a 12-string Lyle in really good shape. Bought as a b-day present from me back in late 1970's from a pawn shop. I need to take it to a luthier to have it set up better, but it sounds really good. Just right now the action is a little high, but not that much wear. For a long time, I put it away, finding it hard to chord as a relative newbie back then. But now, I am more than ready. It does say it was made in Korea ~ which makes it seem a little more rare. The sound is still great or maybe even better! Wish I knew what it was worth, but I hope the guy I find to set it up will know more.

Lyle 12 string from Korea

I wish someone could fill me in on the 12 string guitar that was made in Korea that I got back in the 70's as my original post above says. If you know anything about the KOREAN production of Lyle (especially 12 string acoustic) I would be grateful.

Lyle W430

Any info on Lyle W430 dreadnaught ,open book head badge,is it all laminate, what's the value?

I also have a Lyle W430.

I also have a Lyle W430. Did you ever get any info on it?


I inherited a Lyle guitar from my first cousin once removed and I don't know a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g about guitars. Can someone tell me a little about mine or where to find more info? It's a classical with the model # cp-366.

RE:Lyle guitars

Ok, Lyles were made by Matsumko in Japan from the mid 60's to around 74 or so. Are they rare? Ummm, no, not so much. Unusual, yes, rare no.
For those who have 335 copy Lyle, the model 5102T, it's the EXACT same guitar as the Aria's, Westbury's, Epiphone's of that era. See, Matsumko built for dozens of companies guitars. Aria, Westone, Phoenix, Westbury, Conrad, some early Domino's, Epiphone, and some house brands for Sears and JC Penny. Much like Ibanez and Teisco did.
For example, let's say you were a distributor, named Bob. you would put in a bid to the different companies,. and say, "Who can build me 5000 Bob 335 copies, for around $30.00 wholesale?" Matsumko would say, "I can!" and boom, 5000 Bobs were lining the store shelves.
The company that distributed the Lyle's, LD Heater, WAS NOT Owned by Gibson or Norlin. They distributed them, much like they distributed Lyles.
Quality-wise, they range from complete and utter crap, to OMG! Acoustics, tend to fall into the former range. Electrics, mostly the hollow bodies, were somewhat, but not always better. Solid bodies, mostly made from plywood, BUT they do have their own feel and sound. I happen to love them, others despise that cheap feel and sound. Remember, they were built to fill the growing demand of guitars, that the kids saw on tv, with the Monkee's and the Beatles

Lyle hollow body bass model 5120 no serial number

I had this guitar handed down to me. It is in pretty rough shape. I think it is in good enough shape to restore to good condition/used shape. Before I attempt such a thing I would like to know more about the guitar itself. I know the history of Lyle and "Lawsuit" guitars so that part is done. The body has a cherry red finish with 2 "f" openings. The neck has had some stress on it, enough to have the wood lift a little on its grain pattern about 2 inches long from the nut to the fret board. I am not sure if injecting glue into this will keep the neck from breaking in the future. The fret board is loose at the nut but I believe I can glue it again. This is not the first restoration I have done. I have restored a flute and a grenadilla wood clarinet. Any comments regarding how to or if I am wasting my time will be welcome.

I was passed down a lyle

I was passed down a lyle guitar model# 692 serial# 57 from an uncle. anyone know anything about it?

Lyle-same model and serial

I also have a Lyle model 692 serial # 57 I purchased new in 1970s direct from dealer for Norlin. No case -some defects in the finish from the factory beautiful tone after adjustments. Remember the dealer saying it was a Martin copy but did not mean anything to me at the time. Duplicate serial number is interesting.

I have a lyle 335 copy i got

I have a lyle 335 copy i got back in the early seventies for christmass ser. no. 15734. Maybe someone has some ser. no. close to that and can compare dates.

Vintage 60s Lyle SG copy

It looks like there was no information about Lyle guitars on google back in the day.Now you can find some info, but very little. I purchased my first guitar of my life age 14 from a seller on ebay for $100. I baught an awesome looking black SG style guitar with the name Lyle on it. Years later now, I know a lot more... Lyle is one of the rarest brands of guitar manufactured in the world. This rarety however does not increase the value of the instrument. Lyle is not a brand that can even be found in the guitar Pricing Guide. I have looked. The value is determined usualy by the seller. If your selling one, hit me up. Lyle was never associated with Gibson. Lyle was never purchased and closed down by Gibson. However, Lyle started manufacturing Gibson style guitars at a cheaper rate but they failed to observe copyright laws. Lyle was created by the Motsimoku Company in Japan from 1965 to 1970. In 1970 the Motsimoku Company was slapped with such high lawsuits by the Gibson Corp of the US, that they bankrupted and closed. Making Lyle one of the rarest brands of guitar because of their extreamely limited production life of 5 years.

Long Live The Lyle! May You Play On For Another 30 to 40 years and beyond!

Lyle thin hollowbody

I have a Lyle thin hollowbody electric that I have been doing a lot of research on as well. It has the Gibson "open book" headstock with a pearl inlay of - well, it looks like a firebird & at the top of the headstock, it has Lyle in pearl inlay as well. Email me at & I'll send pics

Lyle thin hollowbody

I have a Lyle thin hollowbody electric that I have been doing a lot of research on as well. It has the Gibson "open book" headstock with a pearl inlay of - well, it looks like a firebird & at the top of the headstock, it has Lyle in pearl inlay as well. Email me at & I'll send pics

Lyle w410

My wife just found a W 410 model at an auction for me....a little dirty, but otherwise in pretty solid shape. Al

Lyle 'copy' guitars from Japan -

Lyle guitars were some of the best COPY CAT guitars made during the LAWSUIT years - years where Lyle (made in Japan) attempted to COPY higher end American made Gibson and Fender guitars - hence 'lawsuit' guitars. There are some other companies that attempted to 'copy' American instruments but many of those were made in Korea or other countries and were not of the quality that the Japanese 'Lyle' copies of American instruments. They would have done well to make their own branded guitars - they're very well made. Another 'copy' company from that era is Ibanez - they made excellent instruments, too, and they paid quality guitarists to help them market their marque - George Benson, for example. Enjoy your guitar.

Lyle SG guitar

i have an old red Lyle SG guitar has some roadwear but still plays well and sounds great. Who would buy it? where would i find them? and what could i get for it?

Lyle for sale!!

I have a big box electric hollowbody up for grabs! It's like silk! It has a small ding, not sure if anyone is interested I can send pics upon request. Make an offer!

Lyle 630L

I picked up a Lyle 630L recently for $100. Best playing acoustic I've ever played and sounds awesome, but it has a few issues. First being the fact that it's been played long and hard, with at least 3 frets showing hard wear. I had to tweak the torsion rod and raise the adjustable bridge some to stop a few frets from buzzing, but one is still a stickler. Bridge has cracked between the peg holes but the pegs still stay secure. My thought is to use good epoxy to stabilize it. Any thoughts? Also, leaving the strings taught over the years seems to have warped the body some, but there are no cracks or finish peeling from it. One tuner has been replaced with another style tuner, (looks like crap from the back) and I'd love to replace it.

Does anyone know where I could find a single tuner knob? It's the G string, (first on the bottom) so I'm thinking that is right-handed tuner? Maybe someone has replaced their stock tuners and has a single or set of them I could buy? Please reply to this thread if you do. Otherwise I need to go buy a set of Grovers or something.


I have a very unique Lyle guitar. It is apparently a 1972 but on the headstock it has the pearl from Gibson and it says Gibson on it as well on the headstock. It has the tail trapeze and the adjustable saddle. I recently had it set up and there is absolutely no fret buzz, it looks like it just came off the wall, stellar condition. My tech was stunned at the body condition and even the frets were like a new guitar? This is the only guitar I have seen that is definately a Lyle but it has Gibson, correctly done on the front of the headstock? I went in to the acoustic section and played a Gibson new hummingbird next to mine and it sounded cheap! I was stunned. I have no idea what this is worth but is like the perfect guitar. No dents, nicks, scratches, just and old guitar that has been babied, no warping anywhere, I think this will play another 30 years easy. If anyone knows about a Lyle with a Gibson logo and Gibson written on the headstock, please let me know



Lyle guitars

I have a really nice classical C-620. Got it for 50 dollars. Like new but now 40 year old wood. I went to a local store to sample what they had and to get the sound and build quality on my Lyle I had to look at name brands upwards of 500 dollars. That's where I stopped and realized I had gotten a great deal. I won't sell mine. Should last a long time. I just got a nice case for it, used, for 50. So. 100 dollars for a great guitar and case. I also got an attachable pickup.



I have a Lyle arch top, hollow body , electric guitar.Modle no.t-120 ,in mint condition. Does anyone know what the value of it is?



I have a Lyle arch top, hollow body , electric guitar.Modle no.t-120 ,in mint condition. Does anyone know what the value of it is?

Lyle guitars

Dave, I looked it up and somehoe Gibson bought out the company. It originated in Japan.Ive had one since a teen ager woulnd sell it for the world. Its a C605. Maddy

lyle classical guitar c-605

i also have a lyle c-605 small nylon string guitar with loud voice. ceder top,mohagany back and sides. paper label, also says 3144 in red print.have 4 more nylon sting guitars. this one sounds best. would not sell, without vintage appraisal! good luck fellow lyle owner


I have been playing for two years. I use to play (and still have) a fender squier. Today I bought a Lyle on impuls. I wasn't planning on buying one, i just walked in and it looked so beautiful. I have a feeling it is about 10 years old or so, but the sales man didn't know much other than it was a Lyle and it had new tunning pegs on it. I got it for 150$ and i would REALLY love to know more about it. Thanks.


Does anyone know where you can get bridge parts for a W-415 Hummingbird


I have found more information on this site regarding Lyle Guitars, than anywhere else on the internet. Mine is a flat top model L-12. The guitar appears to be in very good to excellent condition, with some minor wear on the finish near the pick guard, and sounds fantastic to my tin ear. I have just begun to play guitar and would like to know if this is a good guitar? Is it actually worth anything?

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