Brazos Guitars

Posted by Jack Yuzynko on Sat, 07/31/04 - 06:28:29.

: Hi,
: Has anyone ever heard of this brand Brazos, or know anything about them? I've got a beautiful black Brazos guitar, and it sounds great, I just don't know anything about it.

I also have a Brazos accoustic... all wood, brass nut and bridge. Got it in upstate NY back around 84. It also came unglued a couple of times and needed a bunch of glue. It hasn't got the sound of a Dreadnaught, though the body is pretty large... but the action on this axe is second to none! It plays as well as any of my electrics.

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electric brazos

I have two electric and one semi hollow they all play and sound awesome . I keep looking for more . Had one acoustic that was beat up I had to lay it to rest no help for the thing.

Brazos guitar

Brazos guitars are a "house" brand.
A US salesman for Tōkai had his favorite guitars replicated
with the Brazos imprint in the very early 80s.
Several of his custom guitars had vulgar names on the headstock.
Notice the reversed "Fender" acoustic headstock.
All guitars were manufactured in Japan.

Brazos guitar

I bought a mahogany BA78 in Illinois pawn shop 15 years ago. Tobacco and brass!! Hit an open E chord and it's been my #1 ever since. I have many Gibsons, a Taylor 510CE, Guilds and all kinds of other stuff, but the Brazos is still # 1. So last year I found another in maple. So I have a semi matched pair. Absolutely the tops of the Korean movement.

Brazos guitars

I've had three and still have one
The first two were twins (electric),
But one had a beautiful dark tobacco
Sunburst, and the other was a blonde
They sounded great and played just as
good as they looked. I cannot remember
Why I got rid of them.
I also still have a classical thaRt I
Absolutely love, and that I play everyday
I might add that this is the first classical
I've ever owned and I just cannot get enough
Of this guitar.
The funny thing is, my buddy has a music
store and about 20 years ago I offered to
buy this guitar from him, but he said that
He had already promised it to his wife.
Well she said that if she ever sold the guitar
That she would sell it to me. Well she did,
But she made me wait about 15 years.
But I love this guitar dearly and I play it
I googled the name and serial # but nothing
Came up.
I as well would appreciate any info on?

Brazos Guitar

it's a it!!!!!!

Brazos Guitar

I also bought the brazos with the brass nut and bridge in 83-86''s the best guitar I've ever owned...such tone AND action


I have a Brazos, dreadnought-style, acoustic guitar, model BA50.


I also own a Brazos acoustic md. BA-50.. will sell if anyone is really interested..

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