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schematic for jackson dk2 h/s/s

i need a schematic!

Re: schematic for jackson dk2 h/s/s

: try

What's it worth??

I have a Mexican made Fender Strat made in I believe 95. I think it is a Wayne's World model. Does that make it worth more or less? Anybody have an idea of what its worth - ballpark figure?



backing tracks and video downloads

it's free

Problem with MT-2 pedal

I have an MT-2 pedal which does not switch on. I loaned it to someone who very possibly used the wrong voltage plug. What would be the best way to repair this?


Re: Problem with MT-2 pedal

Man what a helpful forum. o\\\

:::: ROLAND GR-09 Guitar Synthesizer Page ::::

GR-09 Guitar Synth
~Info | ~Links | ~FORUM | etc...

Baldwin B1 Bass Amp

Hey All,
I have a Baldwin B1 Bass Amp, circa '67 - '70. Looking to get rid of it. Wondering how much one goes for. This one is in VG condition, still works. Vinyl siding is peeling off slightly in places.

Sunn Amp footswitch...

Anyone have any experience with sunn amps? I am attempting to locate a footswitch for a concert lead. 70's amp. Or maybe a footswitch cmpatible with sunn?

ebows, and amps

ive been playing guitar for a couple years now and am really into it, ive been thinking about buying an ebow but i dunno if ill like it or not, if u have one or have played with one give me an honest opinion, i also am thinking about getting a new amp big enough for gigging, within 3-400$ price range, thanks

wayne charvel green meanie help

wayne charvel green meanie help

This popular thread has been given its own page : wayne charvel green meanie help

guitar brand

Hi, my friend is trying to sell me a guitar, a congress c-105. (dont think its a hofner) I've tried searching the net for more info on the guitar, but couldnt find any, so i'll like to ask whether any of you have heard of it, and is it considered a good or average guitar? If possible, please tell me the approximate market price of the guitar too... thanks alot :D

download raptur dhol

I wana Download Rapture Dhol plz advice me

Re: download raptur dhol

I wanna Download Rapture Dhol plz advice me.


Hi there...
If you interest to buy, just contact me at
I have nice price and nice card balance. Thank you.

Dead fret on Ibanez

I have a problem with my Ibanez RG440. At the 15th fret the string is pretty dead and if I bend at all I get no sound whatsoever. Any ideas?

Re: Dead fret on Ibanez

Which string? I would guess that if it isn't noting out anywhere above there or below there then you must have a low 15th fret. It should be noting at the 16th fret though. What you've described sounds unusual. I would imagine that you need either a fret replacement or fret dressing aroung it. Perhaps it is just too flat.

Re: Dead fret on Ibanez

is this a note that sounds briefly and then dies off real quick with no sustain? or does it not sound at all?

gand maaro

tumhari maa mat chudaao gandmron



dead amp

I got a bp 15 that my friend gave to me because he fried it by trying to hook them up togther, he connected them by connecting them through the exit speaker jack, I already tryed replacing the fuse but no luck, is there any hope of this thing getting fixed for cheap?

Re: dead amp

i dont know what a bp15 amp is, but it sounds like it could be the output transformer, its usualy this if you mismatch speaker impedence. you should realy take it to a shop and get a tech to look at it.

musician wanted

If there is anybody in the yorktown Va. area that plays guitar or anything and wants to start a band please reply- peace

relic'ing a tele

I plan to relic a butterscotch tele to resemble as closely as possible an original '52. I'm a pretty good craftsman, but I don't know the techniques to age the metal, age the finish, etc. Can anybody out there give me some advice? Thanks.

Takamine Martin Lawsuit

I am trying to find information about the Takamine/Martin Lawsuit: when did it happen and what was it about? Who won? Neither Martin nor Takamine include any information in their histories: is there some kind of gag order, or are they both really embarassed about it, or is it all so well known that nobody seems to discuss it? Thanks for replies!

Peavey Amp Cutting Out

I have a 'peavey basic 40' bass amp and it cuts out during use. the only way to get it working is to move the Pre-gain knob to full which brings it back to life and then it works cuts out at any volume with any setting and when the amp is hot or cold.

ive taken the amp apart to look for loose connections but couldnt see there any way to fix it?

graham colton tabs for wide open, find me

Hey I was just looking for graham colton tabs for "wide open" and "find me." i can't seem to find them anywhere. anyone know? thanks

How can I make my own guitar with a low budget?


I am wanting to try and make my own guitar. I only have one problem. It is that I have to work with a low budget. I am 12 years old and I love playing the guitar but I want a Les Paul. That is one of the reasons I want to make guitars. I also need to buy parts for the guitar and tools to make it. I will devote lots of time to this project and hopefully it will take me far.


remember 2 things: low budget and i'm starting from scratch


Re: How can I make my own guitar with a low budget?

I think that it is great that you want to make your own guitar. You will learn about guitars and what makes one sound good. Low budget is relative. Your best bet might be to get a Martin guitar kit. They cost as little as $220, but for that money you will end up with a very nice instrument. They have a web site:

Good Luck and keep strumming!


Fostex E-16

I have the user manual, but I need the service manual/schematic for a Fostex E-16 reel to reel
multi-tracker, help if you can

to learn base guitar

to learn base guitar,so piease send me a book or materials to learn base guitar.thank u.

Re: to learn base guitar

#1, its -bass-
#2, any book that you can buy in a music store is good for beginners

help me identify my ibanez

I recently purchased a second hand ibanez but i dont know what it is exactly. Its an s series. its a sorta metallic purple, its got a floyd rose , h-s-h configuration. its also got wavy line inserts on the neck, which is light , with a dark fingerboard. i'd really like to know what it could!

Re: help me identify my ibanez

: I recently purchased a second hand ibanez but i dont know what it is exactly. Its an s series. its a sorta metallic purple, its got a floyd rose , h-s-h configuration. its also got wavy line inserts on the neck, which is light , with a dark fingerboard. i'd really like to know what it could!
btw, its not the new style roller trem, its the older twin pivot type.

Re: help me identify my ibanez

I am almost positive you have purchased the Ibanez S370, you can tell by the color

Im looking for a good distortion pedal

i need a new distortion pedal to play some heavy metal stuff, right now i have a boss ds-1 distortion pedal and its just not doing it for me

Re: Im looking for a good distortion pedal

i normaly recomend the Pro Cat turbo rat, a fantastic pedal, but it may not be metal enough for you, ive played a Boss MT-2 metal zone, which has a 3 band EQ and will give you the sound you want.

Re: Im looking for a good distortion pedal

boss mt-2 metalzone all the way...f*cking great.

Re: Im looking for a good distortion pedal

A Messa Boogie V-Twin pre amp pedal has two channels of tube distortion and get some nice compression for defined chugging/sustain.

Re: Im looking for a good distortion pedal

or for the same price get yourself the MT-2 and a 2 week holiday in a 5 star hotel in vegas.

Re: Im looking for a good distortion pedal

: I suggest you get an effects pedal, The Digitech Rp 50, or any digitech model is good. It gives you a good range of sounds and you can also customize your own distortion, The Rp 50 is around 70$

Re: Im looking for a good distortion pedal

those things are ok on headphones and low volume but get very fizzy and suck the tone right out of your guitar at gigging volumes, if you want a distortion pedal then buy a distortion pedal not a cheap multi effects pedal.

i am new 2 playing the bass but dont no what 2 play

i am new 2 playing the bass and like hevey metal music but i dont what songs 2 start playing can some one give me any ideas

JAGMASTER VISTA (or any vista) WANTED!!!

Looking for a vista Jagmaster MIJ (made in Japan). Any color. Also e-mail if any other vista series guitars are available as well.
Zach (

value of Guitar

we have a dm3 sigma guitar from CF Martin and Company. It has serial # sk 100790 Est. 1970. What would the value of this guitar be? Thanks

Les Paul 'Deluxe'

I have a LP Deluxe No 503405 on the headstock,it does
not have mini humbuckers and is Cherry Sunburst with a 60's slim neck....any help with date of manufacture.
I think it was pre Nashville.

Re: Les Paul 'Deluxe'

book says 1965, 503405 is the first serial number listed for that year, take a look:

no recording/phones out

I am thinking of buying an Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 combo but there is no recording output wich is the only thing puting me off this otherwise amazing amp. I know I can mic it but I want as little messing about as possible and also dont want to shell out loads of £££££££ on a mic that will give a good representation of the amp. So is there a signal transformer on the market or can anyone draw me up a circuit of something that will transform 'the cabinet ext out' into a lower power recording signal?

Mansfield Accoustic

I have an old Mansfield accoustic guitar that i've had since i was young. It's an AW 460 and it's still in pretty good condition. If anyone has any info on it's history or worth, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks.

Flying V plans


I'm looking for some guitar plans for a Flying V. A jackson/ESP style V would be preferred but any help is welcome! If you can help in any way, please e-mail me at:


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