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Re: good brand

or Rolls Royce are my favourites.

Re: good brand

haha! yeh.
but seriously there are probably a lot of good brands of guitars.

there are several factors which should influence your decisions to get a guitar. the quality of the woodwork, the electronics, the comfortability, the sound, the features, the brand (company reputation for repairs, etc). which brand also depends on why you are buying it.
if you want a guitar as an investment, then the usual ones are probably names like Gibson, and fender, for examples.
if you want a guitar to learn to play on, then your standards would be somewhat different.
to some degree which brands are better than others are a subjective matter.
Some guitars tend to be better for some playing styles of some types of music better than others too..they sound different.
and some people love junk, but if they love it and are happy with their guitar then who can knock them, really?

If you want to buy new ones, then even the warrantee and reputation for service affects your choice.

I would recommend you look around at the various guitar company sites, and the online catalog sites to start off, since you're at a computer anyway.
Gibson's site has a page or two devoted to advising how to tell a better guitar from another one.

for example, some guitars have laminate tops, a layer of some sort of maple for example. the type and thickness and quality of the wood affects it. but some people dont pay attention to how thick that layer of wood is.
Some guitars have their necks bolted onto the guitar. this was not done for any other reason than to allow the ease of replacement of the neck if it breaks.
many companies do this, because it's easier to make a bolt-on neck guitar. but bolt on necks make it harder for you to get to the higher frets. some guitars are worse at that than others. bolt on necks affect the sound quality, and sustain. still, some nice guitars have bolt on necks. some people don't mind them at all.
some guitars out there arent even made of real wood, but a fake wood, or a composite like pressboard "wood."
the new Deans are often made of this. someone who is a Dean guitar lover showed me this. we went to look at a Dean guitar, and the first thing he did was opened the electronics cavity to see what the wood was like. he said the older ones were better, and made of real wood.

I also saw this on a few cheaper brands of guitars, like Mako.

in general, and surveys and opinions vary, but most surveys would say that Gibson is one of the best, if not the best, at least for electrics. theyve been around a long time and build their guitars to be professional quality and to last well. The thing that sucks about Gibsons is they also tend to cost alot. well, that's what happens.
they are made by hand in the USA, and are made from real good materials and workmanship.

I would say the second most popular brand is Fender. Actually fender has always been very popular, even though there are some other guitars out there that are built better. Not to say they aren't good tho. alot of professionals have used Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters over the years.
Fenders used to always be USA made, but now they arent always made in the USA. The USA models cost more, because theyre made in the USA.

on that note, I should mention Fender has a line of guitars which are made to look like the regular Fenders, but they are not the same quality. they are called Squire.
Some squires are built really nicely.. some don't seem to be so nice.
The squires are designed to be cheap, and they are.
They are made of cheaper line wood. The newer ones are made in Mexico because thats cheaper labor. The pickups aren't as good. the pickguards are usually a one-ply instead of a multi-ply laminate. the pain shines, but sometimes you can see they just arent as picky about the way they look.
personally, i noticed they arent as pickyp about the specific tolerances for the exact cut in the wood. sometimes you put two headstocks next to each other, and there is a little variance in the shape. not so you'd probably notice, unless you were looking for it tho.

when they started the Squires, they made them in Korea.
Thats another way to tell which guitars are better. which ones the pros seem to prefer. (Some pros prefer the brand they play because they get them cheap or for free from the company tho, whatever type or brand that is, so don't be too fooled by this.)
I would say, the most popular gitars among pros over the years have been:
Gibson Les Paul (all sorts of styles, mostly rock tho.)
Fender Strat (all types of music styles, but not heavy metal as much, due to the single coil pickups.)
Gibson SG (which is almost the same as a Les Paul, sound-wise, but they are different in lot of ways.) SG s tend to be used in various Rock styles.
Gibson ES whatevers. (the hollow body electrics)(jazz musicians mostly, jazz and blues, but Chuck Berry played them too. Ted Nugent does sometimes too, i think.)
Fender Telecaster (mostly for country, but rock too.)
Gretsch (mostly for the old jazz dudes and rockabilly cats.)

others that haven;t been around as long but some people like too:

Peavey. (no particular model. theyre built ok, and sound ok. mostly for Rock styles.)

Paul Reed Smith.-another brand of expensive guitars that are almost built similar to gibson guitars, but theyre relatively new company.made in usa in Maryland. These tend to have fancy woodwork on them.
They should win an award i think, for giving away more of their guitars to new popstar rockers than anyone else in the biz.

Aria Pro - they used to be very popular among the rock players in the 80's, i suppose.

Ibanez. made in japan, some of them are built to look or sound similar to gibsons. some are more of a strat style, but they seem to usually have humbuckers.

Martin guitars- hand made accoustic guitars, built by hand in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. been around forever, and are built well, and use very good wood. they have a unique neck reinforcement design tho, so the necks cant be adjusted with just a turn of an allen wrench. they have lifetime warrantees tho.
(Gibson also has lifetime warrantee.)

Ovation- make a unique type of accoustic some like, (alittle trebley) but mostly because they usually come with a pickup on them.
others of similar popularity as far as brand name goes:

BC Rich- BC Rich guitars were sort of popular with the heavy metal kids in the 80's. they have weird pointy shapes, and humbuckers.
which reminds me of another..

Dean- they are of varying quality. some are real wood and some are plywood or something. they tend to have humbuckers. come in pointier-than-strat strat shapes, and oddball shapes like flying Vs.
(Flying V shape guitars were originally made by Gibson in the 50's by the way)

ESP-they seem to be built ok. come in mostly the strat or SG style with humbuckers.

Schecter, similar to Ibanez, and ESP, I think. Some have very fancy trim on them, and fancy inlay work, which reminds me more of Paul reed Smith.

Washburn they make some accoustics and electrics, they seem ok, but i never played one.

I suppose I should mention
Epiphone- theyre owned by Gibson. (you know how the biggger companies always swallow the smaller ones.)
they're built well, slightly lesser quality than their Gibson counterparts, but they're not bad either. for example, their SG400 is basicly the same as a very basic Gibson SG, usually have Gibson pickups on them.
some of the Epi SGs are bolt on necks tho, or cheaper woods.
their Les Paul is shaped just like a gibson Les Paul. but often the body isnt as contoured, doesnt have as thick of a maple top, (if it has one.) Pickups might not be quite as good. (sometimes they are actual gibson les paul pickups tho, so it depends on the details.) some are bolt on necks, but alot of them are set-in necks like Gibsons are. They're alot cheaper than the Gibson counterpart tho, so it's a matter of choices if you're shopping.

Some of the companies have made "Worn" finish guitars lately. these are supposed to look like old guitars, but mostly they just didnt bother to put any gloss laquer on them, and they make them very plain looking.
I think some people like these tho, because a worn Gibson Les Paul or SG is cheaper than the other ones, and it might be better to have that than not having a SG or Les Paul at all.
so now i see Fender started to put "satin" finishes on theirs too, but it doesnt seem to affect their prices as much.
Fender (and i think gibson also?) make some that have nicks and scratches and blemishes on them, from the factory, NEW, so they look like beat up old instruments. (they like to say they look like "vintage" guitars, but most "vintage" guitars look better than that.
I don't know who is buying this crap. I think its just a way for them to sell off the guitars that get damaged at the factory.

another thing is, they used to have cheap Japanese (and other places) gitars in the 60's, with gawdy shapes or features.. werent really very good, kind of considered garbage by serious musicians. However, some people sort of like them, and they were cheap, so they like those and the reissues of them.
Some were famous for having weird features like a bright switch and 4 or 5 or 6 pickups on them.
some people who are into the retro stuff are into them, so some companies have made new versions of the old stuff like this. some arent bad, some are. none are great, but hey some people like them and play these guitars.
as long as their guitar of choice is playable, and at least sort of stays in tune, then i see no reason to knock them. what's really important is that you are happy. I have a bunch of nicer guitars, like Gibson and Fender guitars, but I have a couple cheapy old guitars like these and play them once in a blue moon just for the fun of it too.
Sometimes i will be recording something and need a guitar track with a different sound, and use them.

suppose i may as well mention a few old brand names, that maybe werent great but popular anyway, from the 60's but just a few ok?
Kingston, DanElectro, Silvertone, Harmony, Kay, etc.
other retro models are Fender's Mustang, Jaguar.
actually, some of these guitars weren't very junky at all. Some of these companies had everything from beginner gitars to professional models, so it really depends which model it is, if its good or not.

Some of these have newer versions of them out, which are somewhat popular. their actual quality varies alot tho.

sorry this was so long, just blabbin'!

All of this blabber is my own personal opinions and may vary from other people's opinions a bit.
most people would probably agree with the general gyst of what i said tho.

: Nike,
: Adidas,
: or Rolls Royce are my favourites.

good brand

what is a good brand

sweet child o mine help

alright theres something im missing. my friends told me the intro used artificial harmonics but i did those and, well, you dont hear any squealing in the song now do you? us there a way to use the harmonics without it squealing?

sweet child o mine help

alright theres something im missing. my friends told me the intro used artificial harmonics but i did those and, well, you dont hear any squealing in the song now do you? us there a way to use the harmonics without it squealing?

Re: sweet child o mine help

As far as I know, they don't use harmonics for the intro. It sounds more like they are playing the intro with the pickup in the neck position doing most of the work out of phase. I've got a copy of the tab for the song in pdf format. If you give me your email address I'll send it to you.



onyx guitar

hi i just purchased an onyx guitar model number 911102
just wondering if anyone knows about this brand of guitar and can help me find out its age, value or history

Re: onyx guitar

i was wondering if any nu where i could buy a chet atkins country gentlemean for under AU$500.00.
email me if u do.

Need to know how to tune a Jackson Warrior XT

I just purchased a new warrior xt and i love everything on it except the tuning. its a great guitar but the tuning is really complicated and stressful. if anyone has
information that could help, please send me an e-mail on how it works. Thanks.


this is quite intresting but the process to download is lengthy


I have fender stratocaster floyd rose with serial number m031129 and 1992 -1993 made Japan . but I wasnt able to get any information about this guitar. if someone have any information about the quality price he can contact me by
Many thanks

a problem of bend and release

Hi there! I have a problem that has turned out to be a nightmare...When I bend a string(full or 1,5 steps) the strings above the bent one chime(for ex. If I bend the G string 11th fret a full step, the D string and A string (naturally) move up with the G and when I release the bent string (G) the A string goes chiming (as it has just been "touched" by the two strings below (The D and G). How could I prevent unwanted strings (the ones above the bent one mostly) from chiming when I bend and release?..If you could inform me about the subject, I would be most grateful. Thanks to you all.

Re: a problem of bend and release

The majority of string bends are done with the 3rd finger, particularly full and above. The reason being is that this enables the 1st and 2nd finger to assist in bending the string providing a more consistent bend (and relief to the 3rd finger). To stop the ringing of adjacent strings all that is required is to let the 1st finger roll over onto the adjacent string touching it lightly during the bend and leaving it touching the adjacent string slightly after the bend is completed. This acts as a mute which will prevent the string from sounding.

How do i do a full bend?

I'm only just learning to play the guitar and so far i love it. However, i have a do i do a full bend.
Please e-mail me the answer cheers. Abbey

ESP Horizon Custom for sale

Yup, the big one... 3 months old and dead mint condition too :)

For specs and pics:

My email:

ESP LTD Viper VB-300 Baritone for sale

In mint condition...must sell by Sunday 1/10/04, no inquiries after please

For specs and pics:

My email:

1953 p bass

what would a 1953 p bass all original in perfect working order with both ash trays be worth?

Columbus guitar

I also have a "Columbus" guitar,apparently koa or tiger maple sides and back ,fine spruce top,lovely bindings,marked also, specially built for Grinnell Brothers,Detroit. A lovely looking acoustic that I would date 1910 to 1930. Would be interested in any information re value,maker,etc, thanks,Tom

Re: Columbus guitar

i have a cloumbus guitar, a gorgeous SG replica probabaly dated around 1972, at a guess. it is a dark brown colour and has a clear laquer finish. brilliant player too.

Re: Columbus guitar



Hey I just bought a a Diaon power mark x for 450. It plays like a 18 year old school girl anyone got one know about 'em.....

Takamine Mode No. E-9-0

Takamine Mode No. E-9-0 nylon string w/factory bug. this was purchased in 1982. i heard it was taken off the market due to the electronics. does anyone know the story? how about the value? anything would be a help! thanks!! richard

Takamine Mode No. E-9-0

Takamine Mode No. E-9-0

This popular thread has been given its own page : Takamine Mode No. E-9-0

guitar lessons

i want to know all the cord that can be played on the guitar and i want to get this info in what finger where and on what string can anyone help??

Re: guitar lessons

There is a vast number of chords for the guitar and depending on you experience level I would not recommend trying to learn too many too quickly. Chords need to be used and practiced enough so that application is automatic, too much too quickly will not improve playing. ie its better to play some perfectly than many badly. As for the number of chords here is some info that you may find useful: chords are not just a made up placement of fingers given a random name. All chords are based on scales in relation to a root note. Take the C scale for example c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c. All major chords are made from the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes from the scale. This means all C major chords will contain C,E,G. The root note is C and depending what finger you use for the root note and what poition and string you use will provide the different combinations. As you can see there will be a large number of variations.

Re: guitar lessons

I'd say go down to your local guitar shop/ music shop and pick up a chord book, that would give you many basic patterns and more complicated ones.
Start by learning ALL simple major chords, then all minors, then move to diminished, augmented, suspended etc.
Some books will incorporate the chords into songs, thats the best way to learn and remember them.

Also you may find good books on
and Amazon!

wah-wah RF interference

I am resurrecting an old Vox wah-wah circuit but am having an awful time picking up RF interference as I wipe the pot. (It happens at the low end of the sweep.) I have already wrapped the inductor (it's a TDK - I know, I know - go get a Fasel!) in metal and ran that to ground - it didn't help. Anybody have a clue?

Download Songs

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Re: Download Songs

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